Why Being Silent During Your Breakup Will Help You

Talk is cheap and very easy to do. If fact, it is more easier to talk than to be silent.

If you know the power of silence then you will use it to your advantage during your breakup.

Your boyfriend/husband probably had the last word. He told you that he was no longer into you.

And more than likely you are devastated and want to try to reconnect with him. I want to help you avoid some very critical and fatal mistakes.

# 1 Stop talking

Your need to talk is your way of trying to reconnect. You are trying to use words to bridge the gap in your broken relationship.

If you stop talking to him in all forms including the phone, emails, text messages etc., you will be amazed at how the power of silence can cause you to be a more attractive, powerful, and magnetic person.

Because when someone isn’t talking, they have more power. The other person has to wonder what is going on inside your mind. When you are not an open book, you have the ability to create a level of interest that you lost during your relationship.

Being silent is not just to get the attention of your man, but it is first and foremost for you. It will help you to learn that you shouldn’t have to beg for a man’s attention. This important lesson is what makes YOU attractive.

Beggars will often be avoided or worst, they get obligated pity. You are better than this. You shouldn’t have to work to make someone love you.

Source by Nicole Gayle

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