What Are Your Chances Of Getting Back Together?

Who knows why perfectly fine and loving relationship with time may turn into never-ending arguments, constant misunderstandings and hidden grudges? What are your chances of getting back together after a breakup? There is no single answer to that question. Your chances of getting back with your ex may differ depending on various factors such as who actually did the breaking up, how important was the problem that led to it, whether you still trust each other, and so on.

The main factor, however, is the presence or the absence of love. I’ll be honest with you, if you think that your ex doesn’t love you anymore, your chances of getting back together are very low. In this case you can do only one thing – move on with your life and start dating other people, but keep in touch with your former boyfriend/girlfriend.

It will either make your ex jealous and he/she will try to win your attention back or, if no reaction follows, you had no chance of getting back together to start with. Begging your ex to forgive you, stalking, threatening, trying to manipulate him/her into getting back by using kids, money, family, house won’t do you any good. You risk ruining everything, even possible friendship with that person and making yourself seem desperate, needy and mentally unstable.

If everyone including your ex tells you that it is over, accept it with dignity and self-respect. There is a very fine line between being persistent and stalking. Know when to throw a towel and leave.

Although, if you think that your former partner still cares about you, don’t waste any time feeling miserable and depressed. It is time to act! Your actions will depend on the situation, but in any case you should apologize and try to become friends with your ex. It is a lot easier to win his/her heart back if you are still talking and doing stuff together.

Second step is to address the problems that you had in the past and start working towards improving yourself. What did your ex complained about when you where dating? Maybe you were asking for more than you were giving in return? Or maybe you didn’t appreciate what he/she has been doing for you?

If you want to increase your chances of winning the person that you love, you should show him/her that you fully realized your mistakes and won’t repeat them in the future. Winning back trust takes time – so don’t rush into getting back together. It fails most of the time. Take it slow and let this new relationship mature and strengthen.

If you are given a second chance, make sure that things ARE different! Otherwise, you might be asking yourself, “What are my chances of getting back together and convincing to give me third chance?” very soon.

Source by Natalie Arton

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