The Secret to a Long & Happy Marriage – A Technique Which Will Stop a Divorce Dead in It’s Tracks!

At the moment your relationship is on the rocks. In fact, your marriage is anything but happy, and is on the verge of breaking up… But, everything can be reversed, as long as you are willing to do what it takes to change!

Read on to find out the technique which will stop a divorce dead in it’s tracks…

Let things cool down

Let things cool down. Instead of arguing with your partner over everything, and trying to logically (and illogically) convince them to stay, take some time out to reflect.

This is the main thing which your partner is asking for anyways. He/she wants you to reflect and look at the areas you can improve. So long as you continue to avoid this step, your partner will feel ignored, and will feel as though you just “don’t want to understand” him/her.

Give yourself a thorough change

Walk up to the mirror, and take a good look at the person staring back at you. No one wants to be with a sulking, depressed, self-pitying partner. Is that you now? If it is, change it!

Maybe you have gained a lot of weight and have really let yourself go too. Now not only do you have your insecurities and personality working against you, but you also have your physical attributes working against your favor!

If you really want your partner to stay, and if you want to have a LONG and HAPPY marriage, you need to put in the effort here to be your best self!

This means you will have to give yourself a thorough change. Don’t take everything on board at once, because that creates a lot of pressure. Remember that your bad habits weren’t developed overnight, but rather were developed over time, this means it will take TIME to change each one properly.

You should also keep in mind, the fact that change will definitely make sure that your partner stays! They are only asking that you can be your best self, not only for them, but for yourself.

Sometimes in life, you need to be able to prove that you can keep yourself together and that you will GIVE yourself what you deserve, because others don’t always want to have to be doing that.

Be an extrovert

Become an extrovert! Yes, instead of keeping things to yourself, seek the advice and consoling of family and friends. BUT, don’t make the mistake of trashing your spouse and saying how “crappy” things were.

Rather, mention your own faults and mistakes and seek guidance from them to help you improve. This will help your efforts, because when you do them alone, you may feel too much pressure and won’t end up changing.

In the end, this technique will stop your breakup dead in it’s tracks, because you will finally be taking care of the one thing your partner has been asking you to take care of for a long time: yourself, both mentally and physically!

Source by Russell Jackson

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