Text Breakup – What You Need to Know About Surviving a Text Breakup

Technology is great, isn’t it? It allows you nearly instant communication with almost anybody on the planet.

But what happens when that technology is used for a breakup? Text breakups are becoming more and more common. They’re an easy way out. In fact, they kind of communicate WIMP about whoever uses them. I’m absolutely convinced the people that use text to break up know that it’s wimpy. Yet they do it anyway.

The motivation behind a text breakup is to avoid confrontation. Most people hate confrontation. I have to say I’m not a big fan myself.

Why avoiding confrontation can help to stop the breakup.

We all hate confrontation (at least most of us). The good news is you can use this tendency to your advantage.

We’ve already established that the text breakup makes your boyfriend/girlfriend a wimp. This means they REALLY don’t like confrontation. The key here then, is not to confront them. The big secret is actually to agree with them.

The technique that works.

When your boyfriend/girlfriend sent you the text breakup, they probably also sent you the given reason why they were breaking up. If you haven’t erased it already go back and take a look at it.

Next, prepare what you’re going to say. What you want to do here is agree with the breakup. So, you say something like this. “Hi, name, I was just thinking about you’re text, and I couldn’t agree with you more. It is definitely the right time to insert their words here.”

What this does, is take them off guard. Most people, when they receive a text breakup are less the rational, and that is what your significant other is expecting. If you can instead, agree with the breakup, and then get off the phone — don’t do this by text — you can do what they were expecting. The result will be that they will immediately start reevaluating whether or not the actual breakup. This is powerful stuff, use it wisely.

Source by Heather Hallman

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