Strategies For Getting Back Together After a Break Up – Why You Should Let the Dust Settle First!

Usually the first thought that goes through your mind after a break up is how can you make your ex see they have made a mistake and take you back. This is when you start leaving hundreds of voice messages and even more texts. Worse still, you find yourself turning in places where you hope your ex will be. Your sole purpose in life is to find ways of getting back together after a break up!

You do realise that this approach is never going to work? At this moment in time, so soon after your split, you will both be hurting a lot. It’s so easy to get embroiled in old arguments because you haven’t given the dust time to settle. You are far more likely to push your ex away for good by this type of approach.

The first thing your ex will see is you acting desperately and being very needy. Do you think these are attractive qualities? If you really want to try getting back together after a break up, you are not going to achieve it by chasing after your ex and making them feel claustrophobic!

Although there is no specific rule, I would suggest that you should try and avoid contact for at least 2 to 3 weeks. During this time rather than solely concentrating on getting back together after a break up, consider where your relationship went wrong in the first place. This is your opportunity to really look at what you contributed to your split. If there are certain behaviours and attitudes that you could improve on, then think about how you can fix these. Take this time to reflect and work out a sure proof plan to help get you two back together!

Source by Jayne Harding

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