How to Stop a Breakup Before It Is Too Late – 7 Things You Can Do

Many consider the process of finding that one person you can spend the rest of your life with a difficult feat, but much harder is keeping the fire burning. The cliché “familiarity breeds contempt” is never further from the truth when it comes to making a relationship last; and the seven year itch is not just old wives tale.

However, several people try to deny that their relationship is on the rocks or are too busy to notice. So if you feel that there are no sparks in your relationship anymore, you might be on the verge of a breakup.

The following are tips to stop your relationship from ending before it’s too late:

1. Make Each Day Special

Never lose the romance. Shower your loved one with affection every day that you are together. Tell him or her how you love and appreciate his or her presence in your life. Make the little things you do count.

2. Pamper Your Loved One

If you love someone that much, being in tune to his or her every needs comes naturally. Find joy in serving your loved one. Learn from the song, “Cater to You” by Destiny’s Child.

3. Endeavor to Be Best of What You Can Be

In spoiling your loved one, do not also forget to pamper yourself. Make yourself desirable to your loved one at all times. Let your loved one discover what makes you special to him or her.

4. Communicate Openly

This is one of the top ingredients of a successful relationship. Remember that your partner is not endowed with the gift of telepathy, so you have to tell him or her what’s on your mind.

5. Trust Wholeheartedly

Do not jeopardize your relationship by the lack of trust. Learn to see the good in the other person no matter if facts point otherwise. Even if faced with dire circumstances, always give your loved one the benefit of the doubt.

6. Compromise Is The Key

Because a relationship is the coming together of two separate entities, differences are unavoidable. In situations where you are at opposite ends, strive to meet in the middle by either foregoing what you both want and taking on a different route or finding a common ground where each of you can get what you want.

7. Find New Grounds to Explore

As you build a relationship, build new memories which you both can cherish. These become experiences only the both of you can relate to and are what you can hold on to during trying times.

Source by Allaner Wong

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