How to Get Back Together With My Ex – 5 Magic Steps You Would Never Have Thought Of

It has often been said that living well is the best revenge. My boyfriend broke up with me and I’d give just about anything to figure out how to get back together with my ex. Based on the old adage of living well, I’ve come up with a plan.

First, I refuse to become that whiny, crying, pleading, begging, desperate girl we all know and hate. I refuse to beg my ex to get back together with me mostly because I am positive that’s not how to get back together with my ex. Even though I am overwhelmingly sad and completely devastated that he dumped me, acting like that will only push him further away.

I’ve thought long and hard about the reasons behind us getting together in the first place. I realize I have changed over time and lost touch with myself along the way. I started blowing off my friends so I could hang out with him and his friends. I even stopped going to clubs because he doesn’t like them even though I really do. The only things we seem to have in common are a love of sports and a similar sense of humor. So I’ve decided to show him those aspects of myself as much as possible so he’ll again see what drew us together. I also plan to get back to doing things I love – for me and nobody else.

So my overall plan is to:

1) Avoid begging and being that annoying ex-girlfriend who cannot get over the breakup. I’m trying to figure out how to get back together with my ex, not how to be the butt of his and his friends’ jokes!

2) Get back to doing the things I loved to do before he and I started dating. Yes, I want to get back together with my ex, but sitting around crying over him isn’t doing me any good. I gave up a lot of things when we got together and I want to do something fun with my time.

3) Slowly open the lines of communication with him. I refuse to call him 100 times a day or send him a million text messages! But I will say a friendly, “Hi!” when I see him. After all, if he thinks I’m doing well and am happy, he will surely wonder why I’m so happy without him and perhaps he’ll start wondering how to get back together with me.

4) I will gently let him know that I still care for him deeply but I refuse to tie my happiness to whether I’m with him or not. I will mean this when I say it because I know it is true no matter how horrible I feel inside or how much I miss him or how much I want to get back together with my ex.

5) I am going to rejoin my old clubs and activities. After all, this is where he and I originally met – who knows? Maybe he’ll join me and this will be how to get back together with my ex before too long!

While manipulating somebody is not something a person should do, sometimes we must take steps to get what we want. I hope he doesn’t feel manipulated by my show of happiness without him. I just want him to see that I am still a great person who loves to have fun and he’ll remember all the reasons we got together in the first place without my belittling myself or making him hate me.

I’m starting with these 5 steps. Some of the best advice and tips I’ve found about how to get back together with my ex come from Using the resources from this website, I’ve already seen progress. At a mutual friend’s birthday party the other night I caught him sneaking peeks at me all night. This website works!

Source by R. A. Gibson

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