How to Get Back Together – The Guide

You’ve spent a long time with your significant other, you love each other’s company, and then the inevitable happens: you break up. When you’ve gone through the sleepless nights, and consoling from friends, you finally decide to get back together with your ex. There’s only one bit of a problem: you are not sure how to do it and if things will work out this time.

Finding out why you broke up in the first place would be a great start. From there, you can think of ways to fix your relationship. Once you have the reasons and have also admitted to your mistakes, then it’s time to move on to the next phase. Find out if your ex is still available. You might be thinking about him and missing him a lot, but is he doing the same thing? If he’s already happy with someone else, then getting back together with him might not be the smartest way.

Show your ex that you still respect them, as well as the decisions they decide to make later on. This will make a huge impact on the relationship, should you guys decide to make it work for the second time around. Respecting your ex also includes not pressuring him/her to get back together; rather giving him a choice. The time away from each other is also a great way for your partner to miss you, and as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Don’t forget their birthdays too. Remembering to greet them on their birthday shows that you still care and a great deal of affection is required to getting your ex back. Sending flowers or a greeting card, as well as sending a text message or email says a lot. Keeping in touch with each other will show that your ex is still in your thoughts. Who knows? This might just work.

When you finally decide to meet up, stop playing games and beating around the bush. Be straight to the point. Being honest, being open about your feelings, and cutting to the chase is also a good piece of advice for getting back together because it brings out the qualities you both loved about each other when you were still a couple.

Speaking of qualities, never forget the bad traits of your ex, which in one way or another, led to the breakup. Forgive, but don’t forget. During the whole process of getting back together, observe if he/she still has the same characteristics and if they are willing to change for the better. Trust me, this will come in handy when you guys become a couple again.

Don’t set expectations. Expectations lead to disappointments. Starting anew also means building a good relationship, and this is not easy at all. Not having expectations though makes the relationship fun, and lessens the difficulties because you just go with the flow. Forget routines too. These routines are what caused you guys to break up, so it won’t help if you repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

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