Getting Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend – Crying, Begging, And Pleading Won’t Get Him Back!

Your ex might have been very supportive of you during your relationship. His first reaction was to put his arms around you and reassure you that everything would be okay. Things are different now though – this time it was something really serious that made him walk out, and your crying is doing absolutely nothing for him. Read on and find out how to get back together with your ex boyfriend successfully.

First of all, do NOT make contact with him at all. Even though your heart is breaking and you want to hear his voice so badly, DON’T do it! He is too angry with you to feel sorry for you the way he normally did while you were together. Call him now, and he will avoid you like the plague.

What you MUST do though, is to prove to him that you are quire capable of living a great life without him. He believes that you need him so much, that you are going to lock yourself in your room forever and wallow in self-pity. Be determined, and show him your other side!

Your friends will love to have you join them again – you probably saw very little of them while you were with your ex. Call them up and tell them you want to hang out with them again and have some fun. Make sure that you look absolutely amazing every time you are out with them. This is your first step to get back together with your ex boyfriend.

There are two reasons why you must always look your best from now on. Number one is that you must show everyone that you refuse to let yourself go after the break up. The second reason is that your ex is going to hear from your friends all the time what a stunner you are. This will eventually make your ex regret breaking up with you.

While you are out alone with your friends, make sure to say only nice things about him, and resist any urges you may have to flirt with other guys. This will all get back to your ex who will realize after a while what a fantastic person you are, and what a jerk he was to break up with you.

Once this has happened, it will just be a matter of time before you get back together with your ex boyfriend.

Source by Ilona Benes

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