Getting Back Together With Your Ex and Making it Work

If you had it together once, then there is a way of getting back together with your ex and making it work. You can have the love and romance again, its all about letting down your guard and not having to be so right all the time. You can be right in your own mind by all means but you must offer your partner the same equality by not pasting it on your forehead either one of you as in agree to disagree to live and let live.

We all have our pet peeves that normally don’t amount to a hill of beans when everything seems to be going smoothly, but add a little pressure from an” over due this” or” not enough that” and next thing you know, the sky is falling and that pet peeve couldn’t be more evident and therefore bothersome.

When things get to the point that you just can’t dig deep enough for the words that hurt, its time to realize your egos are rubbing each others shoulders the wrong way. You need to see right there and then just how much you are two peas in a pod, equals among equals, no one better than the other and stop the tearing apart that comes with non compromising forces.

Yeah it might be a bit lopsided sometimes and rather irksome to observe one anothers less than pleasing ways, but as long as the seriousness is not beyond a social level of acceptance then the way is to work together over time and see beyond the flaw to the flawless, there by getting back together with your ex and making it work.

Source by Robert A Jackson

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