Get Your Girlfriend Back and Stop a Breakup Using 2 Powerful Psychological Motivators

You want to get your girlfriend back. The memories are still fresh in your mind. You were so good together. You are a man, and thought you were strong, but it is ridiculous how much it hurts. I understand the pain. Your emotions are not helping either. They are all over the place, from fear to anger to desperation to sorrow. One minute you think you know what to do, and then the next you are petrified to do anything. You are not thinking clearly, and need some help. I feel you, I have been there myself. Let me share two incredibly powerful psychological tools with you that will help you get your girlfriend back and stop a breakup dead in its tracks.

To get your girlfriend back you need to stray from the regular text, call, harass tactics that so many guys use that NEVER WORK! I know you want to be with her, talk to her, change her mind. However, there is a reason stalking is against the law. Harassment does not work, and what you and your ex consider harassment are very different.

Two powerful tools that drive every decision people make every day are self-interest and curiosity. Very simply, you will use these two mind-magic tools to get your girlfriend back in your life. Do not take these lightly. You can use these in every relationship in your life, they are that universal and power.

To get her curiosity peaked, you are going to back away and cut off all communication. I know I am asking a lot here. Trust me, people want what they can not have, and when your ex girlfriend doesn’t get calls and texts and messages from friends from you, she will begin to get curious. “What are you up to? What is going on in your life? Are you seeing someone else?”

The longer you stay incommunicado, the more these questions to her to thoughts of self-interest. She will begin to ask herself, “Did I make a mistake? Was I too rash, did I act too harshly? Will I ever be able to be with him again?” This is the powerful phase where control starts to move to your side. However, you need to know what to say when you do finally contact her.

The good news is that there is a very specific set of words you need to deliver in a very specific way that absolutely guarantee she will be interested and contact you. For what I like to call the powerful “first step” to stopping a breakup and getting your girlfriend back, check the link below. This works regardless of your situation, and even if you already made some mistakes.

Source by Jackie Union

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