Get Back Together With Your Girlfriend Without Changing A Thing!

Are you trying to get back together with your girlfriend but things aren’t working out quite the way you planned? Has everything that you’ve tried ended poorly and you are losing hope that you will ever be able to get her back?

Have you tried talking things through and you just wind up walking away feeling beat up and frustrated? Sure, you can see her points and you have promised that you will make the necessary changes in your life so she will be happy but still she doesn’t seem serious about getting back together. What the heck does she want anyhow and how can you get her back?

The truth is that it probably isn’t the things that you do or did that drove her nuts and caused her to break up with you. Well, unless we’re talking about abuse or some sort of problem that you do need treatment for. The fact is that it doesn’t matter what you change or what you say you’re going to change, your girlfriend isn’t going to take you back because of these things. It is not going to be a simple case of changing the things that she complained about and then you get back together. But nothing is ever that simple with women, is it?

The fact is that the only thing that is going to get her to change her mind and want to get back together with you is if you can change how she feels about you. By that I am not saying that she is going to have to think that you’re a nice guy. You have to actually make her feel a certain way. You have to stir passion, desire, want and romance in her heart for her to change her mind. When you can move her heart you can change her mind. If you can make her feel all of those wonderful feelings that women crave then it isn’t going to matter what she said was the reason for the breakup. She isn’t going to care about those things. She will just want to get back together with you and it’s that simple.

Think of it this way… how many times have you seen a really hot girl with a guy that was just bad news. I mean, a guy that you knew was playing her and three other girls at the same time. She knows it but she can’t resist him. Why? Because of the way he makes her feel. Those guys know what women want to hear and they know how to make them feel all of those wonderful feelings that women dream about. She doesn’t care that he is seeing other girls. She thinks that she can win him over and get all of his attention and focus so she can be the only one that gets to feel that way.

Your girlfriend is the same way. She wants to feel all of those wonderful feelings and if you can’t give that to her she will find someone else who can. The problem is that you can’t use the same lines and tactics that a player uses. Your girlfriend probably knows that you want to get back together with her and she is going to have her guard up. She is going to be analyzing and scrutinizing everything that you do and she has built a wall around her heart just to keep you out. So what do you do?

When trying to get back together with your girlfriend it becomes necessary to be a little more subtle and sneaky about your methods and tactics. You are going to have to use some psychology and learn how ot push her emotional hot buttons without it appearing that you are really doing anything at all. You are going to have to use some psychological tricks to change her heart and eventually change her mind. Any overt attempt to change her mind by talking things through or being a nice guy or any one of the other hundreds of methods that you might have thought of are only going to put you days if not weeks behind in your plan to get your ex girlfriend back. Only subtle psychological tricks that push her emotional hot buttons will make her yours again.

Source by Russell Barnett

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