Get Back Together With Your Ex – Are You Guilty of the 3 Deadly Sins in Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

If you are trying to get back together with your ex, there are certain things you need to avoid if you want any chance in making it happen. Doing any one of these things will bring certain demise to your attempts and any hope for reconciliation will be gone. Here are the 3 deadly sins in trying to get your ex back.

  1. Begging your ex to take you back – Constant calling, texting, or even stalking is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to get back together with your ex. This especially holds true if in your messages or any communication you have with him or her, you are constantly begging him to take you back. Doing this will only serve to confirm the decision he or she made to break up with you in the first place was the right one. Your ex needs time…and quite frankly so do you, right after a breakup, so give it to him and yourself.
  2. Not Wiping the Slate Clean – This simply means not making a clean cut. Or, in other words, leaving things unfinished. If the last conversation you had with your ex ended on bad terms, the two of you won’t even be able to start over until someone, (preferably you), apologizes. The apology shows strength and courage to your ex. That’s something your ex will respect. Plus, he or she won’t feel uncomfortable when they are around you…and eventually being around each other again is going to be a necessary step to get back together with your ex.
  3. Doing Nothing to Change Yourself – There is a reason your ex broke up with you. They either found someone else with qualities they were attracted to but didn’t find in you. It could be possible that the quality they found attractive in you in the beginning, got lost somewhere in the time since the two of you got together. There may be something lacking in you that he or she wanted. Or, it could have been a bad habit or character trait you had that he or she couldn’t handle that caused the one you love to say goodbye. Regardless of the reason, it’s time to make a change. Look, even the most perfect person in the world can do something to improve upon themselves. Now is the best time to look deep within and make some positive changes in your life to build on the great person you are…and make an even better you. To get back together with your ex, make the positive changes that you want for yourself . Then, the new you will entice him to come back.

Avoid these 3 deadly sins in order to get back together with your ex. Despite the fact that these avoiding these actions are counter intuitive, staying away from them is going to be your best shot at getting your ex back.

Source by Jo Chris

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