Four Powerful Tips For Getting Back Together After A Break Up

Break up between lovers has become so common that many people regret it later and want to get back together with their ex. They could have avoided the break up if they had been a little more discrete, a little more patient and a little more understanding. But being human beings driven by emotions, we all commit mistakes sometimes or the other. Some break ups are the results of mistakes. It is only a positive sign that you realize your mistake and want to rectify it. But you keep wondering how to fulfill your objective of getting back with your ex. You find to your dismay that break up was easy but making up is not! Do not worry. You will find these four powerful tips very useful in achieving your goal of getting back together with your ex.

Restrict Your Contact With Your Ex:

Strange as this advice may seem, this is one of the basic rules you have to follow. Many people, in their anxiety to get back with their ex, pester them with emails, text messages and even phone calls. These desperate acts will only have the effect of irritating your ex and alienating them still further, thwarting your efforts. On the other hand, keeping your contact to the minimum can work miracles. Your ex will appreciate the fact that you respect their privacy and freedom and this feeling will create a groundswell of goodwill for you in them. This goodwill will be a valuable asset.

Move on and enjoy:

Just because you have gone through a break up, you need not become despentent. Some people wrongly assume that a show of depression will evoke sympathy in their ex. It may not. If you keep moving on with your life by going out with your friends (of either sex) and enjoying life, your ex will feel that you are not desperate. A little understood psychological fact is that only a strong mind can attract others, not desperate acts.

Be in touch with your mutual friends:

Here we come to a strategy. The only way you can keep in touch with your ex immediately after the break up is through mutual friends. These friends will carry news about your activities to your ex and some of this news will act on their minds. You should also talk to your friends about your desire to get back together with your ex. Your ex will receive this message and this is going to help when you propose this to them directly, a little later.

Have faith in the merit of patience:

As you may have already discovered, breaking up is fast and easy, while making up is not. You need a lot of patience since results may not show immediately. Make your move and wait for things to develop. Do not try to force or pressurize your ex which will only make your objective of getting back together with your ex more difficult.

Source by Parthasarathy Rengaswami

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