Breaking Up Is not the Only Option: Prevent a Breakup

It's a normal and healthy thing to have disagreements in your relationship. However, it can get that difficult sometimes and the strain that bad that it looks a breakup has to happen.

Nobody wants to break up as it can be extremely difficult for you and your partner. Everyone who has ever gone through a breakup will tell you how awful and emotionally exhausting they can be, especially when you and your partner love each other.

Fortunately, it is especially possible to prevent a breakup. Read and apply the 2 principles laid out in this article and you will be wondering why you ever considered breaking up in the first place.

The two steps are Communication and Working on the Relationship!


In any health relationship effective communication is vital. Using communication effectively with your partner allows you both to communicate much easier and have a better understanding of each others needs. Lack of communication is getting more and more common in relationships and it's a real problem.

To break it down, communication is not a science, it's an art form that will help you and your partner sort out many different problems. Unfortunately, many couples use the generic 'chit chat' such as talking about the next episode of your favorite soap.

Communication is a two way street where both you and your partner express yourself emotionally as well as logically.It is not about acting like you care about your partners needs it is about actually caring about your partners needs! To prevent a breakup you must be willing to listen, even if you disagree with your partners opinions. Remember, it is not about being right it is about doing the right thing.

Consistently Work At It

If you really want to prevent a breakup you must be willing to do whatever is necessary in your relationship.If you treat it as do or die you will prevent a breakup. You must be willing to work through any problems that you and your partner go through in order to prevent a breakup.

Work with your partner, not against them. You may not know this but your partner probably wants the same thing as you; a very happy relationship with the love of their lives. Therefore, help them accomplish this and you will notice that your relationship will soon become revitalized and energized.

Mix your relationship up by trying the following tips:

* Being spontaneous
* Surprising your partner
* Listening to them
* Laughing
* Going on regular dates
* Doing nice things for one another

If you do both of the above tips your relationship will soon be blossoming again and you and your partner can live a happy, fulfilling and joyous life together.

Source by James G Hardy

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