Are You Afraid of Losing Your Ex Forever? Here is How to Prevent That From Happening

Breaking up is devastating enough for anyone and the fear of losing the relationship forever makes it even worse. Are you afraid of losing your boyfriend or girlfriend forever? Well, fret not! You are certainly not alone. A lot of men and women experience the same thing.

Breaking up doesn’t need to mean the end of a relationship and there are always methods you can use to prevent it from becoming a permanent thing. The most important thing you should do is to avoid the most common mistakes that so many men and women have made.

Most men and women make the mistakes of calling their ex over and over again. Be sure that you don’t do that. Calling an ex again and again when he/she is not picking up the phone only shows one thing. It shows that you are acting out of desperation. Desperation can hardly help you win your ex back. In fact, you will only push your ex away.

The very first thing you should do after a break up is to calm down. Most probably, you are feeling extremely emotional now and this is completely normal. You need to stop contacting your ex. Nothing good will come out if you talk to your ex now. You are simply too emotional to be able to deal with your break up effectively.

It is generally a good idea to stop contacting your ex for one month. Don’t be afraid of losing your ex forever during this one month. Unless your ex is cheating on you, you should worry too much since it is only 30 days and your ex probably won’t be going into a new relationship so soon after a break up.

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