3 Tips on How to Stop a Breakup and React Quickly

Maintaining a good relationship is a tough job especially about love relationship. Arguments in relationship are hard to avoid and sometimes serious arguments may end up to a breakup situation. Immediate action must be taken to handle and control the situation. Know how to stop a breakup and act upon it smartly if you face the situation.

1. Control your emotions before act

It is like a sudden death when your partner request for a break up. Felt like big shock to you after you listen to that unlucky statement. I believe you start to nervous and asking a lot of questions regarding the breakup. Before you react, make sure to control your emotional state first. I understand it is hard for you to control your emotions at this stage but that is the first step you need to do to clam down the situation. Do not let the act of nervous and anger to deteriorate the situation.

2. Open Communication

Speak out from your heart. Understand the situation between you and your partner. Be an open communication and identify the problems of breakup. In this moment, you have to take control of the situation, stop it from getting worst. No banging of chair or throwing things here and there. Slowly speak to your partner and ask about the reason behinds break up. Control your emotions and listen to your partner feedback on the reason of breakup. Do it as an open conversation with nothing holding back each other. Recognize the doubts of breakup, pay close attention while your partner is talking to you.

3. Take Note

To show your seriousness about the breakup relationship, take out a piece of paper and write down all your positive and negative thoughts towards your partner. If you think you have done something wrong, write it on negative site, if you think you are good on some points, writes on the positive site. After you have finished writing, you can compare between the positive and the negative thoughts, is it a healthy or a bad reaction towards your partner? In this situation, most probably negative more than positive points. Evaluate yourself from those negative points and give yourself a time frame to improve it. It is time to show your true commitment to your partner, believe in yourself that you can recover the relationship back.

Source by Jeremy Looi

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