To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back, Stop Crying You Silly Woman!

To get your ex boyfriend back, bet you are listening to Roberta Flack and the song 'Killing Me Softly'. You could even be replacing the phrase 'with his song' with 'with his absence'. This is the state you are in, right? Listening to sad songs, crying, refusing to meet friends and spending time alone – but why are you doing this to yourself? All along you thought you were a strong woman, capable of taking life as it comes. Sure, you can, even if your boyfriend has left you, no matter whether he did it because he found your best friend more attractive than you. Stop crying and lamenting immediately, or you may never get your ex boyfriend back! In stead, buck up and think about how to get your ex boyfriend back as soon as possible. Life had been kind to you all this time, and it can still be, provided you change the way you look at it! It is really as simple as that. Study these following points to know what you have to do to get your ex boyfriend back:

• The first step to get your ex boyfriend back is to get yourself back. Agreed, you are sad, remorseful, depressed and hurt. Cry to your heart's content and let out all the pent up feelings instead of holding everything within you. But, instead of making yourself miserable, why not pour out all that is there in your mind in a journal? Writing has great therapeutic value. You would be surprised how light you feel after you have jotted down your innermost thoughts. Write about not just the events but also the thoughts that went behind each one of them. Even jot down whatever you always wanted to say to your boyfriend but never had the time or opportunity to do so. This can help you get back yourself, before you get your ex boyfriend back.

• What was the problem? Yes, do you know what caused the break up? Do not assume things here – in stead, do some introspection and analyze the situation in every possible perspective. Every relationship sticks for some specific reasons and breaks up also when such reasons become invalid. Therefore, find out why you were together, to know why you split. Chances are, that you could find several areas which you need to focus on to get your ex boyfriend back.

• They say, finding the problem is reaching half way to the solution. Once you have analyzed the problem areas and pinpointed some specific errors, it is now easy for you to take corrective actions. It is possible that you took each other for granted; you bored him; the fun element vanished from your relationship; both of you were distracted too much by other external effects – the list is endless. To get your ex boyfriend back, it is imperative to know these precise causes so that you can solve them. Before you pick up the phone and decide to talk to your ex about such issues, be clear about your own plan of action of clearing your own stable. Do not blindly put the blame squarely on him, as this can ruin your chances to get your ex boyfriend back forever.

• Were you the one who dumped your boyfriend and now want to get your ex boyfriend back? If so, then you have to do some ego-repairing exercises to restore his self-esteem and sense of pride. You simply can not play with people's mind and you bought to know it. Perhaps saying sorry would not be enough. You have to be prepared to do all that you can to restore his faith in you and prove to him that you are not as fickle-minded as he may have thought you to be. Rebuilding your boyfriend's self-esteem is a time-consuming job but is not impossible. Even if it was he who left you, you still have to pamper his ego a lot to get your ex boyfriend back. A breakup typically results in a complete breakdown of the normal logical function of the mind – and to restore normalcy, takes time.

So silly woman, you need to stop crying if you were to get your ex boyfriend back. You have jobs to do and minds to repair. So go right ahead and get going.

Source by Emma Audley

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