How to Get Your Ex to Reconsider a Break Up? 5 Miraculous Steps to Get Your Ex Back!

To effectively reverse a break up, just do the opposite of how you feel. It’s easier said than done, I know, but do you want to ruin the last chance you may have to reverse your break up?

The first mistake you’d make is by desperately trying to contact your ex and wanting to keep them in your life. This will only make you look needy and clingy, and that, my friend, is the last thing your ex needs.

Instead, turn the tables on your ex and make them feel dumped. It might be hard for you to do this, but hang in there, coz just a few changes and your ex would be set to reassess and reverse a break up.

Step 1- Stop all contact with your ex. In case you happen to talk to them, thank them for the times spent together and agree with the break up. This is the toughest thing to do, but also, the most important.

Step 2- Move on with your life. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and constantly thinking about your ex, stay focused on how you have nothing to loose.

Step 3- Show them that you don’t need them in your life to be happy or to survive. To pull this off, spend time with friends, pursue a hobby and rediscover yourself.

Step 4- Get the word out that you are going out with friends and enjoying being single. This way, they will know how well you are doing without them.

Step 5- Once they hear about the new you, they’ll be forced to think about what brought this change or whether you’ve met somebody.

They will now be compelled to make contact with you and this is how you will get an opening to reverse a break up and get back together!

Source by Ilona Benes

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