Learn How to Rebuild Intimacy After a Breakup

Is it possible to rebuild intimacy after a breakup? Well, the question is difficult to answer, but the answer to it can be a ‘yes’ if you are willing to work towards it. It takes years to find that ‘special someone’, understand him/her, and build a romantic relationship, but it takes just a few seconds to break the relationship, which once seemed more beautiful than anything else in this world. Therefore, when you get into a love relationship, be mentally prepared to face one of the most agonizing realities about an intimate relationship – the painful fact that your romantic relation can lead you to any one of the two obvious conclusions, either a life-long commitment or a heart-aching break up.

Although a painful break up seems to be a permanent ‘full stop’ on your relationship, it can lead to a more intimate reunion if you make a sincere effort. Following are a few steps that you both can take to restore the intimacy that you once experienced in your past relationship:

1) Take an inventory of your failed relationship. In other words, just look back into your past, analyze all the good moments you spent in your previous relationship, and also try to evaluate the major issues that caused the breakup. This will help both of you to remember all those small and big memorable moments, especially the moment that brought you close to each other. The key point here is that if, instead of the breakup, the arc of the relationship is dredged up, intimacy paves its own way.

2) Rebuilding intimacy after a breakup is just like starting a new relation once again. To make it simple, it is just like constructing a new building on an old foundation! Therefore, if you really wish to restore the emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship, avoid all the situations, surroundings, and circumstances that remind you or your partner of your breakup.

3) Before considering a return to intimacy, make sure you take your own time to re-establish yourself as an individual. Your old entity that had suffered the shock of a breakup cannot enter a new relationship. Therefore, to create new intimacy, you and your partner need to bring their new selves to the meeting.

Following these steps, you will definitely be able to rebuild intimacy in your past relationship. Most people, after a breakup, fail to accept the emptiness in their lives and try to get back to their ex merely for the illusion of intimacy and a feeling of being secure. But, reconciling after a breakup without changing oneself or without following the above steps is not good as it will definitely lead to a second, more painful breakup. Therefore, while making an effort towards reconciling, bear in mind that there is a big difference between a transitory sentiment born from fretfulness and a deeper desire to correct the mistakes of the past and revive a mature relationship.

Source by Eshwarya Patel

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