3 Things You Should Never Do After Your Breakup

Immediately after a breakup, we all seem to go a little crazy, we lose our sanity a little and are definitely not ourselves, especially if you were totally blind-sided by the break-up. I know that feeling oh so well from past experiences.

We are filled with so many emotions and thoughts running through our minds that we do not stop to think and just react to which ever emotion is the strongest in that particular moment. This reaction causes us to do all the wrong things which will definitely ruin any chances in the future of getting your ex back.

The Three Things that you should Never Do after a breakup are:

1. Constantly contact your ex with phone calls or text messages

We all try to communicate in whichever way we can with our ex as we want answers to questions running through our minds, we want to know if they are still thinking about us, if they miss us or just out of habit, to let them know how our day went. We feel if we don’t contact them, they will forget about us and eventually move on. This is one of the worst things we can do as they will probably become irritated with you as it makes you look needy and they will want nothing to do with you ever again.

2. Beg them to take you back

Begging your ex to take you back is never a good idea, you will come across desperate and insecure which will only make them angry and push you away even more. They decided to end the relationship for a reason and are not ready to speak to you yet, so give them some time and space.

3. Seeking Revenge

When you are hurting so bad, you just want to do something to hurt your ex back, or at least let them feel some of the pain you are feeling. I have felt this way a couple of times myself, this only leads to bitterness and hatred on their part and does not help to heal any wounds.

Seeking revenge will only make you feel good for a short while until the guilt starts creeping in, you then regret it and realize, that it wasn’t worth it at all.

All the above points paints a very negative and bad picture of who you are and will definitely ruin any chances of getting your ex back in your arms again.

Source by Jenni Jooste

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