Will My Ex Forget About Me | Will Your Ex Forget You During No Contact

Today’s video comes from an often-asked question Coach Adrian gets from his clients in one-on-one coaching sessions: will my ex forget about me?

You’re afraid that your ex will forget about you, and worse, meet someone else, especially if you have to pull away and apply no contact or radio silence. And that is what makes this journey of personal transformation so scary for some.

You need to acknowledge that this person is no longer yours. The sooner you accept that, the greater your chances to find yourself again, and win them back, while offering an improved relationship.

You need to have more faith in what you bring to the table, because that is what attraction and seduction is all about. It’s about inspiring the one you love, not playing defense, not being afraid that they’ll meet someone else. This is the whole premise of our philosophy.

Make sure you are unforgettable, and give yourself credit!


Our Mission is to help people find happiness in love, and to provide individuals and couples with the communication tools and relevant techniques to be together in healthy sustainable relationships.

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It would truly be our pleasure to help you be and with the one you love, as always keep fighting the good fight and I wish you all the very best.


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20 thoughts on “Will My Ex Forget About Me | Will Your Ex Forget You During No Contact?”

  1. I broke no contact after a month and my ex told me she didn’t want anything to do with me not even a friendship moral of the story whoever sees this do not wait on your ex focus on your life show them how happy you can be without them

  2. Hi coach Adrian..I do not have break up with my man he just get angry with me and don't want to talk to me…he ignored me and dumped me…I followed the no contact rule and now it's been 3 months that we have no communication…I don't know what happened to him now..it is possible to talk again?

  3. Been in NC for a month, she has a rebound, small town love, found out yesterday she is so stressed and miserable, like a ticking time bomb. I am no longer worried about the shady new bf in her life, no one likes him after his deal has came to light hahaha, I am almost ready to send my first text since the breakup. Trust me people… THEY DONT FORGET. I was terrified she would forget…. But they don't. Some take longer to go through the breakup feelings then others. Hang in there people. Listen to these folks, they know what the fuck they are doing. Love to all reading this. Just have faith.

  4. coaches I feel I improved and been so strong so long; whereas all improvement I’m going through a stage of losing the hope he will initiate neither reach out

  5. All y'all people need to do is focus on yourself please STOP worrying about what your ex is doing because that's causing you guys to have a headache… Once you focus on yourself results come trust me I've been through this 17 times already and out of no where BOOM my ex reaches out to me… . Now keep in mind it may take months for them to reach out but once you stay focus on your goal they will not be all in your brain. The key is have fun enjoy life 💯

  6. I live in India. His father messaged my father that we are spending time together kindly notice. After that things were not going smoothly and after that he asked for a breakup saying that I am choosing my career over you. It's been 5 months, I am somehow moving forward. Will you please guide me on this thing?

  7. I have broken up with my gf for a month. She once kept contact with me but i push it too hard so she blocked me almost everything. I can now only communicate with her through a group of me and her. Yet, shes avoiding me most of the time, replying much less than usual. What should i do?

  8. I fear that she loves her current “boyfriend” and will marry him. I know its dumb but still. I was with her for ten months and things were not good the past couple weeks of our relationship. Its been one a month and a half of no contact and she unblocked me and my ex BEFORE her on instagram. So idk if she unblocked me because she misses me in some way or because she is just indifferent now and does not miss me at all. She got with her new guy a week after we broke up and it destroyed me. I still feel depressed and lost about it.

  9. I really needed this video today. Most of the time I am clearheaded and fine but some days (like today) I have relapses and I really start missing my ex, lose hope that I`ll ever hear from him and feel emptiness in my chest. I noticed that it`s usually whenever I am sick or feeling physically weak and I guess I let my guard down and all those depressing thoughs pop up in my head.

    Thank you for this video and for inspiring me daily. I don`t know if I`ll ever have the chance to be with my ex again but I`ll do my best to improve myself because there`s still lots of work to be done.

  10. Thank you coach for the advice, my only fear is that the last time before the radio silence which I m currently doing, he said some statements very seriously and precisely that "he can't love me ever again, can't marry me and I can't keep him happy". He said all these statements with complete sense to me many times. And I fear about all these alot. Help me please.

  11. hey thank u for sharing this, my relationship is an end now m in love with the girl who was with me for a year,now because of family pressure and also reasons she has moved back to.her nasty husband who had given her a tortured time earlier, she said she has to again move or patch up becsuse of her daughther 6 years old, she looks perfectly cool and normal however when she posts pics,she has not treated me the right way since last month i feel disgusted emotionally exhausted rejected and feel i loved a wrong a person,can i get her back even if i see her going back again in the ssme marriage relationship which she described to me once horrible and torturing.plese help what should i do i am emotionaly exhausted feel liked used and thrown away like a toy

  12. My ex is seeing a second person we broke up 3 months ago, she's only been seeing him a few weeks but she's going out to a firework display with him and our kids do I have sometjing to worry about

  13. Hi adrian, I have broken up with a long distance bf, and after time i became too needy and i would always come to him crying about everything and so on… but because of my depression, he wants to be friends. I realized that its not what i wanted and I want to do everything by myself and that i dont need his help… just so I know… isnt it too late for me to bring that no contact rule at him? Would it change anything, when he had tolh me that he still like me and that he needs time to be in relationship again (after I asked him what is going on between us) and that he still has our picture hanging in his room? Would he become more distant after these circumstances or maybe ill be more worth for him? Sorry for my English

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