Are You Losing Chances with Your Ex?

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Maybe you’ve been trying to get your ex back for a while and you’re getting tired. Worse, it may feel like it’s getting worse than how it was before – from not talking to you to actually thinking that you’re starting to get annoying. Getting your ex back is so much hard work for you but you’re not giving up because you’re sure that this person’s THE ONE for you.

You might be wondering if there’s still a chance that you can get back with your ex after all the negative interactions. It’s about time you check on yourself and see if you’re currently doing the 5 things in this video that repels your ex further and further away from you.

Watch this video to know more about the five signs that you are actually losing your chances with your ex. Who knows, maybe it can help you figure out a way to make it better for you.

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Dating and Relationship Outcomes Evaluation


26 thoughts on “Are You Ruining Your Chances of Getting Back with Your Ex?”

  1. I was in relationship with my lovely ex for 18 years. 3 years of dating and 15 years of living together. We have 3 child (13, 09, and 06 years old). She left me a two months ago. Actually she broke with me a four months ago 18.08. but she lived here with us for 2 another two months before she left me and children and went to live with another guy. She met him first time 23.08. this year over the skype and messenger, she had never seen him before in person. He lives 350km away from here. And then she went to live with him after two months 27.10. Now it's been 4 months since she broke up with me, they are angaged and she want to birth him a child. She praise to everyone that she is happy with him and she posts their love photos at facebook, instagram etc. Also she avoid any contact with me but she is in contact with our daughter via skype. Children consider it's wrong what she is doing and that is a reason why they want to be with me. When I ask daughter does her mom ask about me, the answer is always negative. I just refuse to believe she could forget all good things we had been going through for so many years. But it's seems she could. I feel like, she simple erased me from her heart and mind. Sorry for my english but I hope you understand.
    Prikaži manje

  2. PLEASE HELP!!!!….. My ex dumped me in Sept. 2018 (on our anniversary, whilst on our first holiday) She has Extreme anxiety & I have BPD…. We have broken up at least twice before (1 for like a week, the other for about a month) we got back together last time when I started going to therapy… Since breaking up she has started therapy (something I had been telling her she should do, which she tried & quit twice before… Now it seems to be helping her) Anyway, a random girl down my local pub added me on fb & my ex freaked about it & was calling me in tears asking if I was with this random girl (who I hadn't even spoken to!) I reassured her that I wasn't & she didn't know what to believe & she even said "Go f**k her, I know you want to!" I told her "NO!" & unfriended the random girl… Since then on the 5th of Oct. I bumped into my ex & ended up kissing & having sex… Since then she NOW going back to saying "That we are NEVER getting back together, That is ISN'T 100% but she is moving on & I need to as well otherwise it'll only hurt me down the line when she gets into a new relationship… Although there ISN'T anybody else now & she ISN'T even thinking about anybody else right now & that she feels the problems in the relationship CAN'T be fixed, That we clash & she is unwilling to try anymore… & that she ISN'T answering anymore of my questions & she DOESN'T want to give me any hope… Because there is NONE, we AREN'T getting back together!" She also said we "CAN'T be friends anymore as that would ONLY hurt us & she DOESN'T want me to get false hope from it" She is now still going to "OUR thing" that we did EVERY Halloween, apparently with her friend… Because "Yes it will hurt & upset her to go there again, but she wants to go, so she is showing courage & facing it" She has now Blocked me on fb saying "I'm blocking you now, not because I want to… But because I feel I need to now" She also says we shouldn't talk or see each other anymore! She seems to fine not crying when I have been crying in front of her & she seems REALLY cold now! Although she keeps saying "Just because I'm not crying don't assume it's all daisies & rainbows for me… I'm still upset, I am still hurting… & that she's still having dreams about me" But she also keeps going to the gym which she says "she doesn't think about us/it when she's there!" & keeps going to a friends house. Which FINALLY leads to today, I saw her drive past me today, so I waved at her… She completely blanked me! I can't sleep, haven't been able to work in 2 days & keep crying & can't stop thinking about her!!! What do I do?

  3. My ex has asked me if there was a chance of us getting back together. My heart wanted to say yes! because I love him and care about him soo much, but I responded we will have to see…that we would have to start back at the beginning with dating and trying to rekindle things at a later time (I ended a 7 year relationship with him 4 months ago due to differences and not seeing change in his behavior and actions; we were also engaged) He says he's changed and he expressed all the things that he misses about me but he is now in a rebound situation and I don't feel he has given himself the time and energy to focus on himself and the changes he needed to make to inspire me to be with him again.ultimately what's keeping me away from making any moves with him:1. he's in a rebound situation still…which is not making me take him seriously (by the way he has complained to me about the stuff he doesn't like about her (*weird)2. I haven't personally seen the changes (elevation, goal oriented, disciplined and maturity)3. I don't feel inspired to get back with him he says things that make me hopeful but he's doing the oppositeLong post but this is my situation and my thoughts on this

  4. Lmao the keeping score thing is what I was just freaking Out about. We were having positive connections last week but we haven’t talked in 6 days. I thought it was a bad sign that he hasn’t reached out. I’ll talk to him tomorrow

  5. Hi Clay, I reeeeeeally need your help. It has been 6 months since we're seperated. And I was going better, untill he made some contact. Saying I was his first love and that I still mean a lot to him, to end up with 'but our relationship was over'. I found it difficult that, since our breakup, we had contact after a month, than a month nothing, and then a month ago he's still asking how I'm doing. That he misses my mom and wants to speak to her. But after the sweet things he's still convinced it was the best decision. We had a relationship for 8 years, from our 16 until 24. And still I'm not the same person. I still miss him sooo much! As I said: it went better. And I know hearing of him is a bad thing, but when I hear of him or see his name pupping on my phone, my heart skips a beat. He still wants to be able to talk to me, because he found this normal after 8 years. And he hopes some day I will be able to. Saying he still cares for me, wants to see and talk to me. I just don't know what it is. It's driving me crazy because what should I do?? I'm still holding on because of that..

    After 6 months now I deciced to block him. On Facebook, on Instagram. And he 'understood' it. He found it a shame, but he understood the reason why. I'm just so confussed. I know we have to have a connection, but i'm affraid that when I do, he looks at me as a friend.

    I wasn't reaching out for about 2 months, and then, al of a sudden, he contacted me trough Instagram asking about a furniture. I was short and distant, and after a short sentence, he went straight back at: "how are you doing?" "Are you seeing someone else?" 'I hope your next boyfriend will give you everything you want and need, because you deserve it". etc etc. What should I do? And why does he wants to stay in touch? Well, that's not possible anymore tough, now I've blocked him. Thanks in advance! And sorry for the long story 🙂 Greetings from Belgium!

  6. Hey! My ex is seeing another guy and she seems very comfortable with him. Although I don't know whether they are dating or not. All I know is they are meeting up a lot in recent times and the fact that she is hiding this thing from me and she is not telling me anything. What I don't understand is even after having another guy in her life at least to an extent still whenever we see each other she ends up spending time with me and hugs me which she could easily avoid. According to her I don't know anything about that guy and I haven't even mentioned his name in our conversations. What should I do?

  7. Yeah but conversation should be two sided, if they stop responding.. and you reached out even if they didn’t reply doesn’t that come off as overly needy in their eyes? If it’s been two weeks and they haven’t said a thing, you reach out casually and no response.. reaching out again is overkill no?

  8. Hi coach, Me and my ex had an ugly terribly breakup in jan and we started talking again in March and had a relationship that had no commitment cause she doesn’t want any commitment but we cared about each other. We made a deal to have a clean cut in March because she’s having an exchange to Japan. But last month, she said I’m suffocating her again, stressing her out, making her mentally ill and she said she’s not treating me right or can’t give me what I want so then she made the decision to cut it off clean with me. She brought her friend to come grab her stuff from my place because she’s not comfortable with me alone. She didn’t even want me to celebrate her birthday with her. She doesn’t really reply my messages unless it’s about getting each other’s stuff back. Is there something I can do to get her back? Please help!

  9. My exe and i broke up after a 3 years relationship and he had a new girlfriend a week after. Now it have been a year and they are still together.The thing is,my ex can't leave me alone.If i stop talking to him for a month he tries to contact me and won't let go. Plus,he is really weird in the way he is interacting with me. He is really protective, he cares about me, he always want to know how i'm doing, he say he needs me in his life, he needs me as a friend. Also he can't control himself to show me how happy he is with his new girlfriend like if he want me to get jealous. He acts like he want's me back but is denying his desire to come back.After saying sweat things to me he always need to remind me that he likes me as a friend like if he needs reassure himself.Anyway,i don't understand why he is acting this way.I want him back,i can't forget him but i don't know if he wants it too.I don't know what to do.If somebody could help me just by saying what you think,it would be great.Thank you.

  10. My ex broke up with me one month ago and is already in a new relationship. We were together for 2.5 years, lived together, etc. We continued talking after our breakup and things were looking good. Now he has a new girlfriend and I'm heartbroken. I want him back, but I just don't know how. I don't want to be rejected and I don't know when to exactly reach out.

  11. Hi Clay,
    Would appreciate some advice, been in long distance since january seing each other every 1-2 month for couple days. She was meant to move in with me in September. But three weeks ago after a week of demanding time and showing insecurities she pulled the plug. We been in contact daily(i initiate 90% time) but its not as fluid and the first week i brought up the subject relationship up and still do on ocasion. She has a situation where by the end of this month has to make a choice to leave the country or to come to me as a friend to test the waters for a month. Right now she says she does not feel like she use to and that she doesnt feel i have changed but does not know what she will do. Dont know what the best aproach would be, start implementing NC when she has to decide within the next couple weeks if she leaves the country. I have told her to come to my city for few weeks. My argument is come on holiday before you leave since we have been long distance and then it can be assesed better what to do and my real personality.
    Any help appreciated

  12. have gone maybe 2-3 weeks total with out some form of communication within the 2 months, but i have never technically done no contact. Him and I have been hanging out frequently, been intimate, go on dates, etc. Today he told me that he is very confused and needs time to himself. I'm very confused as to what to do at this point

  13. What if you had multiple break ups and they moved on to a best friend who they have dated a couple of months and after 2 months no contact while he's been in jail he finally reached out to me by phone call to ask about his unborn son and also ask about me and how I'm doing? He has cut all contact with friends and family and let's only this gf visit but now he's reaching out to me … and says he will call again in a couple of days to ask about the scan and see how il doing ?
    What does this mean?
    How should i react when he calls in a couple of days ?
    I'm so confused. Please help
    I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I've been doing active no contact for atleast 2 months now . Do I still have a chance or should I just accept it's game over ?

  14. 11 months man, still stuck on her, why? mentally I'm done but emotionally I'm still attached. dating has been bad, and on the other hand her rebound has become the perfect relationship from what I see, I mean if she's happy then I shouldn't wish her bad but it does sucks because I haven't moved on and I really want to ,I'm so done with this crap.

  15. Hey clay so I have a question. what would the situation be if right now I'm in active no contact, but my ex decided to start the no contact first. this was also a week after we broke up and we did contact a little in that week after breaking up and a majority of that contact was positive minus one slip up I have where she showed reactance which caused her to cut contact. she has also recently blocked me on social media a week after she cut the contact. what type of advice would you give when I finish the active no contact and try to establish a positive connection again?

  16. What do you do If after the no contact and you call to have that quick talk about whatever she ends up telling you about how she's changed and got drunk with her friends and is making out with 3 girls? She tells you all about her and what she's doing and how she is failing her classes, then at the end when your saying bye she says we shouldn't talk anymore? Do I start no contact over again? Because she is a stubborn person naturally, I'm trying not to over think this… also the next day after the call I got a random follow on Instagram with no name and almost no followers or follows.. feels like it's her

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