Why Is My Ex Trying To Make Me Jealous

You’re asking yourself, “Why is my ex trying to make jealous?” This is an even more pressing question if your ex decided to end the relationship. The first thing to acknowledge is that when someone ends a relationship, it is because they were unhappy, unsatisfied, and looking for something else.

And now, you have changed because you’ve been watching our videos, you’ve gotten in shape, you’ve undergone a style and attitude change. You’ve empowered yourself!

If there’s one thing people hate, it is losing power, especially the power they once had over an ex. By empowering yourself, you take the power they once had over you. They are now questioning whether they made the right decision after seeing you become the best version of yourself.

Why is my ex trying to make me jealous? Because your ex wants to test you. Your ex is testing you because they don’t want to lose the power they had over you.

Don’t react! Show them that you changed!


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19 thoughts on “Why Is My Ex Trying To Make Me Jealous”

  1. It’s been about 2 months since our break up, and I have changed for the better, and she acknowledges that and is upset that I didn’t change in the relationship. About a month after our break up, we were at a mutual party and she was walking around with another guy. She told me she’s just trying to have “fun” and I can tell she was just trying to piss me off. Of course it worked but why do we need to stoop to that level. I had a party this last weekend and she showed up unannounced. She did the same thing, kept walking around talking to guys and being slutty. I ended up being really drunk and tried talking to her for a little longer than I should have and I regret it. But shit happens. She left the party and I haven’t spoke to her since. What do I do now? I don’t want her to keep acting slutty around me and instead just focus on herself and her own mistakes so she can grow. Do I tell her in a stern message?

  2. I've literally seen all of these signs from my ex this week. She is nice and pleasant to me one day, we start getting closer, then she pulls away and is hateful for a few days. She is in a new relationship, but is crazy jealous of me talking to a new woman. She actually called me the other night in hopes of ruining a date. I had no idea that it was a sign she felt like she had made the wrong decision and the power had switched to me. Thanks for everything coach

  3. I broke no contact last night and my ex told me she wants no type of friendship or any relationship to do with me she told me she doesn’t hate me but she doesn’t want anything to do with me I’m guessing there is no hope ? No contact only lasted one month … and I feel like I should move on with my life she was the one who broke up with me .

  4. Me and my ex were in a long distance relationship.. He said he have no feelings for me and he will never get back together with me.. we are not together since 2 months we had daily contact.. can i make the no contact now or is it too late? I want him back!!! Sorry for my english i‘m from Germany.

  5. My ex got into a rebound with a girl he met 2 week before we brokeup and he started dating her immediately after we broke up. I was devastated but i decided to focus on me, friends, fun, family and my future. During the first two weeks after our breakup, he was always posting pictures of them to make me jealous and get a reaction out of me but i said nothing about it. For the past one month now he hasn't posted anything about them. He even spoke to my friend sometime ago that i didnt want to be his friend. Can you help me understand what is happening based on the above?

  6. Yes yes my ex is indeed making me jealous he keep saying girls are asking him out on dates.when I used to call him I used to beg him to meet up and talk but he never made time for "us" but he keeps hanging out with his friends,cousins and family and makes excuses over and over…….he behaves like an total idiot.

  7. My ex got in a rebound relationship 2 weeks later with a girl completely opposite of me. He shared a picture of her in his Facebook, meanwhile he stressed how he doesn’t like to post relationships on Facebook because he feels like it allows for negativity.Then he proceeded to call me to explain to me why he got in a relationship and how I should have tried to make it work when I had a chance. He also told me I was selfish cuz I didn’t contact him anymore nor his daughters. I decided to do full no contact, changed my number and disactivated my Facebook. He called me the next morning at my job to again tell me how selfish I was and how I never cared about the relationship but I haven’t heard from him since but I cut the convo short and just agreed with him that it was best for us to break up and I wished him the best of luck. I just got my fb back 3 days ago and now he’s posting on Facebook again.

  8. My Ex can be so confusing to me. He's hot and cold. I'm in NC now but before when we had contact, when he would see me he would tell me how pretty I am and that I looks so good and always want to hug me goodbye. But then he says he doesn't love me anymore and he just wants to move on. I went on a beach trip and he wanted to know who I was going with and I accidentally sent him a snapchat ment for my bestfriend and he wanted to know who it was for etc. He never tries to reach out to me except to send me pictures of the pets we share together. He's in a new relationship for over 4 months now and has changed almost everything about himself and getting into all her interests. I just am so confused by his behavior. Any insight to this situation?

  9. How to make them understand that we are changing in a good manner if not being any social media and not showing up anywhere. But we are working up on ourselves. How to show them then? I m not any social media and he doesn't want to talk to me see.. how to show them up. Please help me. It's been 6 months of break up. And I m doing the no contact rule from almost 2 months. I m afraid will anything will get okay ever.

  10. my ex priya said to me that she was dating with one of our mutual friend recently i have called her and she said that she was enjoying with this new guy and watching movies and birthday parties finally she said she was happy and when I ask her that I want her back she reacted very seriously i don't know what to do I was staying in no contact help me coach

  11. Hi coaches,

    My ex is in a new relationship, im thinking its a rebound because he told me to add him back on social media and agrees to hang out. After our recent hangout he told me he wants to be faithful to her and he took me out of snapchat. Im doing no contact right now and its been more than 2 weeks. I dont know if i should reach out or give him space?

  12. My ex wanted closure after 2months and we met up but she didn’t talk as it was me doing all the talking and I apologised for what I did in the past. She kept saying “wooow you’ve really matured and actually talking like an adult” but everytime kept bringing her new person involved and I said it doesn’t bother me but as long as you’re happy then I am happy for you and I wish you all the best in your life, but I couldn’t tell whether she was angry at what we were talking about or the fact that I’ve changed into a better person??

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