Clay Andrews discusses what to do if your ex is depressed or has a mental illness.

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It’s not a great situation to be in if your ex is depressed after breaking up. Or if they just struggle with depression in general.

The same can be true of people who have an ex with a mental illness such as narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, manic depression, etc.

But in situations like this the important thing to keep in mind is our golden rule: How you found them is how they are likely to stay.

This means that there really isn’t anything that you can expect to do that will cure your ex or fix them or that the power of your love will heal them.

I’m sorry.

It’s too much to put on you, and it’s unrealistic as well.

Instead, you have to come to terms with the fact that your ex is depressed or has a mental illness.

You have to accept that that is the type of person that they are.

Then you have to ask yourself if this is something that you can put up with in your life? Do you want to get back together and be in a relationship with a depressed person or someone who has a mental illness?

Whatever your answer is, whether it’s yes or no, is perfectly fine.

What’s important is that you are honest with yourself.

And then be willing to embrace the consequences of your decision.

If you choose to get back together when your ex has depression, then understand that you are getting into a relationship with someone who has depression.

You can’t fix it.

You can’t cure it.

Your love won’t make it go away.

If you’re okay with that, then that’s fine. Just know what you’re walking into.

And then be okay with being in a relationship with a depressed person, or a narcissist, or manic depressive, or someone with BPD, or whatever mental illness your ex may have.

Disclaimer: This video is not and should not be mistaken for the advice of a qualified professional who understands your situation or your ex’s situation. Go see a psychologist or psychiatrist and do what they tell you to do. This video was made by a person on the internet with no knowledge that should be taken as anything other than entertainment.


4 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Ex Is Depressed or Has a Mental Illness”

  1. Huh, it’s really hard to be with such a person who has obsessive insecurity, strong negative ego, jealousy, doubting, and the worst part is they know their problems but never admit and work on…dealing with one, getting heartbroken every day… 🙁

  2. My ex broke up with me because she thinks that she was mentally abusing me, because of the insecurities, and she can't deal with the stress for being in a relationship anymore. Yet I do really love her and I want to stay, but she just refused any sorts of contacts and even blocked me on social media. What are my chances

  3. My ex left me because she couldn't control me. She genuinely left me because I didn't cut my hair or dress the way she wanted. I stood my ground and she didn't like that so left. It's been 2 months and she still hasn't reached out. It sucks that she would leave me over something so minor specially when I was so good to her. She'd been saying it since day one. She believed I would eventually listen but I never did and the anger built up and she left. I was not comfortable with the style she wanted so I refused. I think she had a mental illness called borderline personality disorder. She was so serious about the hair thing that at one point she cut herself and cried just so I would listen to her. It was all about control to her, without control I was no use, so she discarded me.

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