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Craig discusses situations where your ex wants to stay friends. Is it a good idea?


19 thoughts on “My Ex Wants To Stay Friends. Is That A Good Idea?”

  1. I think my ex likes to show off how good he’s doing and how happy he is without me. That’s why I removed him from my Snapchat. He looks at everything I post but I don’t see his because I felt that he’s just playing games and he’s already with someone else (coworker)obviously they had something since before we broke up. Anyway do not stay friends it hurts us

  2. Hey Coach. My ex not only reached out with a direct contact after a few indirects but two days ago told me she still loved me, missed me, and wanted to see me. She told me that she had tried to date and no one had measured up the quality of man I was when we were together. She told me she was attracted to me because my capability to love. She even reminisced and got in the shower and talked to me on speaker phone like we used to in the mornings. I was in No Contact for almost 7 months and it was pure hell. In that time, I have watched 381 of your videos to this point, I got a local therapist, read 86 books on self improvement, relationships, and attachment styles, along with meditating. I would say I have done pretty good on getting better. I will also say that every single thing you teach in your videos has occurred exactly as you said it would. EVERYTHING! I know it is still early now that she has made contact and the hard work is too just begin but I believe with everything thing in me that if not my ex I will make a great partner for whomever enters my life again.

  3. Hi craig, Me and my ex had an ugly terribly breakup in jan and we started talking again in March and had a relationship that had no commitment cause she doesn’t want any commitment but we cared about each other. We made a deal to have a clean cut in March because she’s having an exchange to Japan. But last month, she said I’m suffocating her again, stressing her out, making her mentally ill and she said she’s not treating me right or can’t give me what I want so then she made the decision to cut it off clean with me. She brought her friend to come grab her stuff from my place because she’s not comfortable with me alone. She didn’t even want me to celebrate her birthday with her. She doesn’t really reply my messages unless it’s about getting each other’s stuff back. Is there something I can do to get her back? Please help!

  4. A great relationship has great communication. That means knowing how to effectively express yourself and how to listen properly that’s what coach Craig is teaching us thanks coach

  5. Big NO don't want that be a freind , it's very uncomfortable , and no self respect , because you know to yourself that you Love Him so so much as your Lover not a freind .!!!!!
    Venus ( nickname )

  6. My ex broke up with me about 6 months ago and has been very hot and cold with me since. She said initially that she definitely wanted to get back together one day, then said she doesn’t want a relationship. She has always said she wants us to be friends though. Sometimes she’s very nice to me, other times she ignores my messages and can appear to be quite bitchy toward me.

  7. Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me 2 months ago after 6 years of relationship out of which 2 years was long distance. she tried to be friends with me but after 15 days of breakup i started no contact and came to know that she was talking to someone else alot. i broke the no contact when she contacted me after 7 days as i asked her about the calls and she said that she is not in relationship. but i did not made any mistake after that call. she started to be nostalgic. i completed no contact for 25 days. Now i am going to meet her as we are in long distance. should i continue to get her back or its time to move on.

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