My Ex Wants To Stay Friends: Good Or Bad Idea When Still In Love After A Breakup

Staying friends with an ex after a breakup can be a good or a bad idea. As a relationship coach who specializes in helping people get back together, I understand how difficult it can be.
Being around the person you love but not in an intimate way can be excruciating, and at losing them all together can be just as painful.

That’s why I felt that it was necessary to do a video on this topic and to shed some light on the pros and cons of being friends with an ex.

You can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard: ” my ex wans to stay friends ” and how often people have reacted one way only to later regret it.

You need to make a sound decision and understand the implications of that choice, especially if you are hoping to get back together and that’s where we come in!

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29 thoughts on “My Ex Wants To Stay Friends: Good Or Bad Idea When Still In Love After A Breakup”

  1. Me and my girlfriend broke up like a week ago,she has a boyfriend and they've been "together" for some time now,but she told me not to go or cut communications since she don't want to ever loose me,and niw we still sleep together naked, hang out like never before, watch movies and stuff like that,but i asked her if she could give me a second chance but she said no since she loves the guy so much,do you think I could still win ger back?

  2. We had a simple argument regarding his guy best friend and after few days she said- within a night her feelings had faded! she left me and suddenly after a month she came back to me and asked if we could be friends again! I couldn't say No! I still love her. What should I do further?

  3. My ex wants to be my friends only… because our relationship is not working issue and virginity issue so ..he decided to leave me and become friends..but i told him…not now i need time to heal ..but i told him..i message him if im okey and i can handle my feelings towards to him …i hope i recover very soon..thanks for ur video its help alot..

  4. So my ex of 2 1/2 years wants to visit me “as friends” and he keeps using the terminology “as friends”. At one point, it kinda sounded he was convincing himself he wanted to just be friends. At one point, it got ridiculous so I was like yeah, I get it, you never wanna be with me again, it’s cool. And he was like well, I never said never, just not now. He said he’s not looking for any relationship actually. Also, I’m 2 1/2 hours away and he was like “yeah I’ll visit you from time to time, a healthy friendship” honestly, I don’t think it’s normal for someone to travel that far for someone they don’t care about. People are telling me he probably just wants to sleep with me but he made it very clear that he would visit me regardless, whether were intimate or not, but obviously he wouldn’t mind sleeping with me. I feel like it’s good that he’s still physically attracted to me.

  5. Here is my situation that I need advice with. Ended a 12 yr marriage. Organically reconnected w/an old friend after 15+ years a part. Which developed in to a 2 yr long distance relationship. We like and love each other. We fly to see each other every few months. He is ready for me to relocate to him, I also have two children (ages 11 & 13). I am not ready to remarry or commit in another long term relationship. I love him. I could spend my future life with him. But I have my own fears around remarrying right now that I am choosing to work through. We have no issues otherwise. Can we still be friends? Can we still be lovers?

  6. My ex and I had been together for the past three years. But due to constant fighting and quarrels between us . They had suggest that we become friends with some of the benefits as in a relationship . What should I do …..

  7. If ur girl want's to be friends with you it means that the door is open for you to get her back. It means she still love you, care about you and that you are the center in her mind still. But she's not attracted… That's the issue. don't worry! you can easy win her back.

    What's the best way to get her back? Leave her alone and let her come back to you. Everyone is scared of fear of loss and if you are totaly quiet she will start to think that you forgot her.

    sooner or later you will receive a text message where it says: How are you doing?

  8. she is again in communication with her ex at frist she did admit that but later did .. now she still want me to stay as her friend but what confuses me is that she did not want her ex to know about me amd she said no need to add him on her facebook? what do you think of this? several times i said i'll give them space but she wants me to stay as her friend

  9. Thanks for this information man really means a lot cuz I just had a bad break up and she still loves me but wants to be friends and see how it goes.. what should I do just go with the flow of things and see what happens next in the near future?

  10. She told me she wants to be friends. She said she loves me, but she dnt want a relationship right now. She wants to be single. She also said she wont be faithful to me if we go back now. She asked for time. To be friends and then eventually she'll come back to me. Im thinking about cutting comunication. I love this woman but I cant do what she ask of me… What do you think? What should I do to get her back? No contact?

  11. I need some advice, Im now “friends” with my ex after we broke up 12 days ago, shes tried giving me chances to be her friend but I declined a couple of times and lashed out a couple times out of pain because of the situation. I even used vulgar language. I tried using no contact but failed a few times already in the 12 days, but yesterday we made it to where we talked for about 3 hours and she left me for about an hour and I responded quickly and she said she was angry right now and didnt wanna talk so she said gn, is now the next day and she hasnt texted me or anything, do you think its a bad idea to be friends and should I still try no contact even tho we agreed to be friends? I dont want to tell her never mind about being friends, what should I do?

  12. Coach Adrian, Coach Adrian, you have been a great coach for some of my close friends so I hope you can help me pleaseeee. After more than a year of long distance relationship, we love each other very much and decided to get married, we were planning which country to have wedding visited venues for our wedding but we never were formally engaged yet but the plan was that he moves to my country due to my work and family commitments. After our short visit, he went back to his country, back to his work and his family and started feeling so overwhelmed with massive to-do list and simply freaked out about the immediate next steps of what he called "planning a wedding, the overwhelmingness of meeting all your family, moving to a big new community and a new country". He then wrote to me that he doesn't really don't want to go far, because he doesn't want to be too far from his family! i was obviously heartbroken and wrote to him that it seems like he will need to go away and figure out what he wants and be on his own for a while and I hope that that I am still here when he is ready but until then I knew that I needed someone who is completely in because I wouldn’t want to be with someone who isn’t 100% about wanting to be with me! So basically we had a break and he has been writing to me but I have not responded as I am doing no contact rule you told us and it has been 15 days so far. He wrote to me saying he is very conscious that he does not want to waste my time and muck me around, but he still feels like we had such a strong connection that he doesn't want to break that. He says it's just tough when he has been feeling so down that everything seems too hard and it's hard to see the positive and to be excited. He then said that when he felt like he was being pushed away he can't commit to that, which was challenging (since it's hard not think "is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?") …these are what he told me. Then he says our families are very different and I have such an active social life–so many friends and family–and he wants me to be able to continue that, especially with someone who enjoys it too!!!!! what does that mean? He now seem to have changed his mind and realised he needs his family during his depression and cannot move far away from his family and wants to stay in his own country. How did it work for your and your wife now that none of us are able to relocate? Does no contact rule and me giving him space works in this situation or gotta visit him and talk. I appreciate your advice; much appreciated.

  13. I have done the no contact rule and it did not work so 9 month down the line I drop her a line to ask if we could go for a chat she reply bowling is not my thing but she might go dance then the penny drop and realised she wanted to be friends and being not having her in my life for 9 month was something I cant be with out so its ok to be friends but coping is another thing on its own

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