When To Give Up Trying To Get Your Ex Back

An important element of breakup recovery is knowing when to give up trying to get your ex back and that’s why this is an important video for everyone coming out of a breakup, separation or divorce.

Alex Cormont and his team have been helping people overcome breakup grief and find happiness in love since 2007, and we are delighted to do yet another video for you.

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Our Mission is to help people find happiness in love, and to provide individuals and couples with the communication tools and relevant techniques to be together in healthy sustainable relationships.

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25 thoughts on “When To Give Up Trying To Get Your Ex Back”

  1. Hello.
    She left me after 6 years of relationship for a work colleague of hers.
    It's been almost 2 months she already moved in with him.
    I still lover her and I still want her back.
    What should I do? Please help.

  2. i just got dumped again with my ex.. she asked me that she wanted to be friends with boys but i find a little bit jealous..but when she dumped me..she said that.. i've changed alot…and she also said that i'm controlling her life but she always get mad at me because she always asked me to change and idk i changed or not but everyone said that i've changed..but in her eyes she doesn't want me..and right now i dont know what to do..she blocked me every social media.. and one day if she came back to me..what should i do?

  3. Hold up I just watched wife time and and time again and I think I finally understand how deep you guys are ..things have hit home thankyou x God bless bros

  4. My boyfriend of almost 5 years recently broke up with me. He has been dealing with depression the last few months. He broke up with me because he believes he cannot give me what i “deserve” but I was happy. I haven’t texted or called him ever since. But should I? Or should I just move on?

  5. My ex and I dated for 8 years, he broke up with me 4 months ago. He said that he got tired of me lacking communication. After me trying to get him back he told me we couldn’t be friends and told me to leave him alone. Meaning we couldn’t be friends or have any contacts at all.After a week or two he reached out to me saying it was hard to ignore me. We still love each other but he doesn’t want to put himself in a situation again where we get back together & I haven’t changed. So we agreed to talk but he doesn’t guarantee or promise that we will get back together. After a few weeks talking just like friends I told him that I didn’t know if I could keep talking to him because I still love him and I don’t want to have my hopes up of getting back and we don’t since he’s not sure. He told me he wouldn’t like us to stop talking but he won’t hate me for it cause he cares about me & wants what’s better & makes me happy. I don’t know what to do. Stay friends? No contact? Or simply move on?

  6. I honestly don't know what my ex is thinking. He broke up with me, blocked me and unblocked me. We were friendly for 3 weeks and then after one argument he blocked me but now I see he unblocked me on whatshapp again… what does it mean?

  7. great video, especially when it came to the addiction part. I did everything i thought was right to get my ex of 6 years, who was an alcoholic to change but he didn't realize he had a problem and just left me. The hardest thing lately is seeing him move on so quickly and stay in a relationship with someone else while I still wonder why we could not make it work. I know he's still drinking and she drinks. I know I have to move on but it has been one of the hardest things I have been through. The worst part is that we slept together in April and I (stupidly) thought he had left his gf but he turned around and is still with her to this day. How can you miss someone that hurt you so badly?

  8. My ex reached out finally, but i wasn't ready. I still need time for some more self development. I said "thank you for your message, but i am committed to no contact because i am focused on self development right now" afterwards, he deleted all pics of me off his insta… Did i do something wrong??

  9. Hi,
    My boyfriend broke up with me 10 days ago. We were living together and I moved out instantly.He left me because I was to jealous and needy. He felt like i was to attached to him and he wanted his freedom. He become depressed and stopped laughing anymore.
    I know that I made mistake but I love him so much and I want to change everything. Everywhere online Im hearing about this no contact rule. That sounds great but Im affraid of one thing. You see, my ex was a drug addict and a few years ago he went to recovery and 3 years of intensive psychotherapy. So he have a very strog will power about anything that he decides. He said that he doesnt want to be with me anymore and that I should move on because he wants to be happy again and to break the pattern that he created in his mind, that he is restrained in any matter. Im afraid that if i proceed with no contact rule that I will only help him to get the distance he wants and that he will get over me faster. Im not sure what to do. I really need some advice because I am desperate.

  10. Things are going bad for my ex with this divorce she failed to follow a court order mediation and now we have a court date in sept she left her job for a new one and lost that one too now she is unemployed i found out she is not doing well from a common friend of ours and i think things between her and her new boyfriend will fall apart soon and i get this feeling she will want to come home once things really make her hit rock bottom but i feel like i should not take her back but she is the mother of our daughter but i dont think its fair that she treats me like a backup option so any advice would be great

  11. So I made my last attempt to talk to my ex after a month of no contact about a week ago. I told her I was sorry for all the things she was mad at me before and she was still very petty about the small things I did and she still said that she didn't want to be my friend anymore and told me that it was her senior year and that she was going to be heading off to college so there was no point. Honestly I was devasted that she could say something so heartless but I did not beg her to be my friend and I told her to just take care and she just tried her best to end the call as fast as possible by making up some excuse that she wanted to study for her test. The one good thing she said to me in the call was that she said she didn't regret any of it. That night I honestly cried my eyes out but ever since that day I just gave up and yeah I don't really know what to do anymore she unfriended me on all social media AND she quit her job where she worked with me so now I don't even see her anymore she basically just removed herself from my life and I'm frustrated and I honestly don't know what to think anymore. 😔💔

  12. I broke no contact when he texted a video to me. Asked if I was ok. I responded w several texts and again he ignores my texted again. I got a mixed msg and now I'm back to square one. I stopped again ..have I really messed up the

  13. Hi Adrian… I am fighting the good fight from past 7 months toh bring my ex back… But it's not happening the right way. Yesterday I called my ex and asked him directly that do u want me back, he told NO. From his messages from past few weeks it seems that he want me back but he is not able to convey the same.
    Is there still any chance or I have lost it all???

  14. Agree with you both I was focused on him but his behaviour was awful and I thiught I did something wrong so I was in bits thinking how do I get him back and make him happy…. Well feck him I'm a nice person who deserves a nice person and today after this I realise I'm worth more so thank you both ❤️

  15. My ex is currently in a deep depression and due to that, is in too low of a place to talk about a future with me again. We broke up three months ago after 7 years. We couldn't stop arguing at that point so I understand why we're not together currently for that reason as well. But what would you do in this situation where you want to make sure he's okay but not necessarily be friends, no contact didn't work well because of the circumstances, you want them back but currently there doesn't seem to be much hope at all?

  16. Coaches I was the toxic one. Had anger issues, life issues, & insecurities. I was horrible In the second quarter. And in the forth quarter.. of our relationship/ marriage. I really want to book something with you guys. But hearing this broke me because I am a month into a divorce process. There are many factors that brought me to this toxic level. I have been getting help to find my deep rootedness to my issues because I have never healed.. now I am fixing myself but my wife keeps telling me as of right now I want nothing to do with you. We have a year and 7 month old child. I love them both with everything in me. I hate that in my life I have always learned through things happening. Never listened to myself until it happens. I am ready to heal, I’m ready to work my errors out but I’m afraid my wife is over everything. I have made many empty promises before and not until the break up have I started to truly make changes.. please help. Is this savable? Should we book something please be honest with me.

  17. hello, my ex has dumped me about 3 weeks ago because we often had fights and arguments about small things but neither of us wanted to admit wrongly. she apparently had no trouble when she came to dump me, but a week later when I was at a festival, she constantly sent me that she misses me and still likes me but never said that she wanted me back. when I got back home she became so angry because I had made contact with other girls but I was single and was allowed to do what i wanted to do( thats what she said before i was there) I gave all her stuff back and she said to me to leave her alone and not communicate for a while. Was she playing with my feelings or is there still a chance that we will meet again? I know what went wrong on the relationship and i know what to chance. Greetings

  18. I'm now over with the 30days no contact rule and I'm working with my Ex and almost see her on a daily basis. I told her that I needed space and time for my own and removed her off all my social medias. We havent really talked yet. How should I behave or reach out for her?

  19. Hi guys, you're such an amazing coaches! Thank you for doing this videos, I really admire you, you're so right! I have a question, what do you do when your ex is ignoring you? And how to "punish" him for ignoring you? He's driving me crazy!!!

  20. Hi coaches
    The problem that i seem to face is that every 2 or 3 months later my ex reaches out to me and says he wants me back
    We talk for about a month and he ghosts me like nothing
    Another 2months later he comes back and apologizes, and than repeats this
    It just happened again, i feel so disappointed and hurt by this.

  21. Caveat: Often when we give up in pursuing others and fully focus on ourselves and our own happiness is when they will consider coming back. As they are now ready to see this transformation, although unfortunately this can take years. But the point is move forward with your life and become better you may meet someone else in the process and you will find yourself again. Apart from that I enjoyed the video, and good points made.

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