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should i try to get my ex back? watch this video to see if you have a chance ^
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44 thoughts on “Should I Try To Get Back With My Ex Or Should I Just Move On?”

  1. Hey, getting an ex back is the greatest feeling in the world! However, if you want to make it happen within 2 weeks and make her want to stay with you (without having to manipulate her), just Google Treitan Mellory's website. You'll have her almost stalking you within the first week lol.

  2. I was with someone for 7 years I miss her ever morning and night my days are a struggle and nothing numbs the pain I haven't tried to contact her for awhile . She seems to not even care or be bothered bye losing me so I am confused in what to do i might try to contact her soon I just don't wanna do the wrong thing.

  3. Thank you so much for this. This video has given me clarity and a sense of peace. Especially the part about the mistakes we make that actually push them away. There’s a difference in giving up and knowing you’ve done all that you can.

  4. SCAM!~!!!!!!  as soon as you ask for your "no questions asked" refund they block you!! and youre not getting it back~! dont fall for it.. you cant talk to anyone!  they stole my $..  hes young and the pitch is as good as it gets, once you buy it he just tries to sell you more

  5. man, you absolutely understand the situation I'm in right now. I still love my ex and really and truly want to be with her and work things out. Last year, I broke up with her bc I wanted to be single for a while and find myself(dumbest decision ever) and I had made her a promise to get back with her when I'm finally back on my feet, I have been texting her for for about a few months now and I had told her with confidence how much I wanted to work things out and that I'm truly sorry for breaking up with her like that, and I told her that I wanted a second chance to prove myself….but she would NEVER respond to messages like that. Then yesterday I had seen her when I was on my way to the movies, she was hugged up on some other guy, but my best friend told me that he might just be a friend of hers or a family member, I said "no that doesn't seem right". After seeing that, it just started eating me up inside, I felt so much anger and sadness, it was like there was a big ass hole in my chest. I swear if I had a time machine id go back and fix my mistake. Sad part is that I still love her….idk I just don't know what to do anymore

  6. You are completely right! I saw another video of your's when I was going through a previous break up and it helped immensely. I still watch it like every day just to understand what I'm doing with my life. But where can I find the next video you're talking about here?

  7. Thank you for making these videos iam going through a separation with my wife that I've been with for 12 years we have a house and two kids boy and girl. You hit all the feelings and thoughts that go through my head your videos help me out I think about what your saying I agree with what you are saying but a day or two later Iam a mess again and I watch your videos all over again. I hope I will get through this and be my self again. Thank you

  8. you are so right on about relationships, it doesn't matter what you do or go it still there in your heart and even if you are doing something it's hard to be in the moment, you still feel empty inside so you won't have fun.

  9. Yes, yes yes! This is gold! One thing I would add is to fire up motivation to take action, to overcome a relationship. Treitan Mellory (google him maybe?) made me do just that and after pointing me in the right direction, my ex is the one that is actually chasing me!! And yeas I took her back 🙂

  10. this is the best video ever! ive searched and searched for ways to get her back and all. thats the wrong approach ive learned the best way is a calm relaxed but educated approach and if she rejects still then move on in peace knowing i tried. all these coaches tell you to enforce dirty phychological tactics to get her back. this is wrong just be yourself be relaxed, and show her your the man and if all fails still then someone else deserves your love

  11. I'm not gonna lie that ad video you had helped me, thanks man I realize this what happened because at one point I had the power where I was always talking down on her after 4 months together and everything I said was "yo she's fucking annoying dawg" thinking I was the shit but then the tables turned, we stopped talking and she sends me a text saying "I don't like this" and I basically met up with her the next day not even responding and she told me that she is tired of everything that was happening and she wants to fix it, she asked me what I want and I said maybe it would be best just to stop talking, then a few weeks later I found myself missing her after seeing other girls and getting tired of them I missed her more than anything, now she's just my friend which I'm really lucky that she is still my friend, but the video made me realize my happiness is no longer depending on her I'm happy and humble the way I am feeling now I think I realize it's best were not together .. Who knows..

  12. Look man, it really is predictable how a woman will just "walk away" from you one day, in fact, it's more shocking to actually see them be loyal and faithful.

  13. Wow this made me feel slightly better but the only thing that worries me is how do I approach him about us going forward and working things out , or do
    I give him alil but of space like a month or so , but I'm just to scared it would be too late .

  14. OMG..You are great..I am going through this..My ex walked out from my life w. ou any reason.She wanted another man, because she was in Florida and could not wait 4 more weeks untill I d followed her down..She fall for the very first man and day number 3 they ve been living together..What the fuck? She changed me for a 62 years old fat hairy fuck. I am 42 have great attitude and great body…Whta the hell?!

  15. Another great vid! Its been 3 weeks, and feels like its been a day. I try to get angry in order to progress, but we had zero things to be angry about in our relationship of 2.5 years. Never an argument. Wonderful person. Can't get angry, even though I just want to do it temporarily to ease the pain.

    Never been dumped in 43 years. A shocking experience, blindsided when I thought everything was perfect. Mad respect for others who have gone through the same. (Cracks another beer against better judgement)

  16. I been broken up 4. months still feel bad about this breakup i want her back she knows. i want this. but i see it pushed her away farther grrrrr cant help not tell her how i feel way i am say way it is grrrr

  17. I want my ex girlfriend back i tried everything in the book tried get her back ya how can theu just walk away after 10 years not think about me i text her 100 times. a day try everything email her no responce grrrrrr

  18. My ex dumped me 2weeks ago. I can say every night before sleep is terrible but what even worse than waking up in the morning. ITS SO MUCH WORST! I dont contact my ex ever since we broke up. I tried to move on but i know deep down i do still hope he'll be back. Sometimes i feel like ive moved on and the next day i cry when im drunk. I just dont know. Today i laugh and believe ok im over it, the next day i become frustrated seeking for how to get him back. The urge to call him is so strong eventho i clearly know nothings gonna change and it will just make everything worse. But loosing him is like loosing myself too. We stayed together and some of my stuffs are still there. The last time i chat him to let me know when hes home so i could take my stuffs i got no reply at all. I just dont know what to do.. Everything reminds me of him. Every single thing. Even just a silly thing. And by the way sir you look exactly like hes bestfriend at once i thought its him. lol anw, i hope one day i see this comment id just laugh because i know its stupid and all i need to do is move on and thats it.

  19. I really liked your video. i've decided to give my ex another chance. i need one of your videos on how to not mess this up by not giving her-her own space, "trying" to let the past go and regaining trust(she cheated, when i out cuz the guy was a friend and felt bad and told me. i kinda suspected before that but when i confronted her. she tryed to turn it around and said i didn't know what i was talking about, im imaging things, to finally it's my fault and my jealousy drove her to do it when little did she know he told me how long it went on for and when it started) anyway, she had a drug problem. now she has been clean for a while. my problem is she needs her space from time to time, and if i even breath wrong she's thinks i dont trust her. i do, im letting the past go. i just get frustrated cuz i work alot and i really just want to spend the one day i have off with her. i need help when that happens to not act like it even phases me. she doesn't even give me a chance to say its not about trust.i just dont want to drive her away. i REALLY love her and dont want to over analyze and spend all my time thinking about maybe i should do something different etc…….fighting a drug addiction is a day to day fight.i need tips on acting like it doesn't matter one bit, basically help with smiling on the outside even if im a little sad inside. thanks 🙂

  20. It's been almost 3 months since she ended a 11 yr relationship I've been doing better but the last few days I've felt like I did the first few days of the breakup these feelings are crazy . And we have to communicate we have 2 kids so it makes it harder some days

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