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If your ex told you that you have no chance of getting them back then you came to the right place.

In this video, Chris Seiter, professional relationship consultant explores what it really means if an ex tells you that you have no chance of getting them back.

Ultimately Chris has a theory,

It all revolves around timing and readiness.

Typically when an ex tells you that they don’t love you anymore or that the two of you will never get back together they are doing it during a highly emotional time.

This means that there might not necessarily be merit to what they are saying.

How can you tell?

Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out!

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16 thoughts on “My Ex Told Me I Have No Chance To Get Them Back”

  1. We broke up 2 months ago and i didnt do no contact but we didnt talk every day maybe every 4 or 5 days, right after the break up he said we are never getting back together because the attraction is gone, 2 days ago he said maybe in the future and now he said again he doesnt want me back ever because he doesnt feel any sexual attraction for me and thats gone forever and there is nothing he can do, that we are done for good. Should i move on or start no contact?

  2. I blow my chance again then i gave her some space then when she found out that i had an accident but she was the first person i ask for help she only read my ms no respond until 1day she only reacts and says sorry then i told her that is it too late she told me that its been a year enough then i told her can we be friends is what i did was wright

  3. My ex is very confused. He told me that we would never get back together, and that i should move on because he wants me to be happy. However, sometimes he can make indirect comments that he's happy when we are in contact. We met up once last month and he told me not to hug him, but despite that i respected his decision, he would always find excuses to touch me and even hugged me with a even lame excuse. He always tells me that he's fine, but i can see that he's not. He's suffering from sclerosis. He writes to me every other week, and i feel like he's doing it to see if i moved on and to spark my feelings all up again, to have me somewhere saved in his life. I think he doesnt want me, but also doesnt want anyone to have me. He tried to end everything with me but always ends up writing.. he once said "everytime i try to walk away, its never with a whole heart, because i cant find an excuse to leave you" Idk what to do anymore. I never did him wrong, always put his needs before mine, compromised on every area in our lives, and i were there and begged him to be there by his side when he first found out about his sickness, no one but me stood by his side. He told me everythings perfect about me, but he gets this weird feeling that we shouldnt be together.. What should i do? We have only known each other for a year, and even though we're in our 20s (and due to our culture) we were each others first kiss. Will he ever regret leaving me? I just want to see him regretting his decision with a great regret..

  4. I did no contact for a month reached out no reply I waited a month more reached out n nothing now its been 3 months haven't heard from him we was 2 years together I lived an hour an half away I visited monthly stayed with him we communicated every day we was planning on seeing each other again than he stopped replying than he said he has trust issues because I was a little far but his trust issues was from his pass n through that on me he always said I treated him like nobody ever did I knew he had feelings for me but was afraid than he said he thought I moved on but don't know why I was texting calling he didn't replied so he said he thought I was with my x n hooked up with a girl than he realized it wasn't true than said I don't see a future with u because we grew up together but other times he mentioned moving in together in the future so I haven't contact him for 3 months he will regret the woman he lost

  5. What are the chances of the no contact method working twice on the same person, if they are citing the same reasons for the break up as they did the last time?

  6. Hey… guy just broke up with me 2 months back……and we had broken up twice before……but now he's like i will never come back to you no matter what you do and nothing will work!! I love him i cant move on ……everyone are telling me to give up…..but i can't because i love him…..and i guess i over expressed my feelings after breaking up and showed my desperation ……and now he thinks im obsessed with him😔…..and he's not talking to me… im just doing that no contact thing…….GOD PLEASE JUST GIVE HIM BACK!! WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOO TO GET HIM BACK I REALLY NEED HIM!!!😔😔😔 …..PLEASE HELP!!!

  7. Long story short, I had a boyfriend who dumped me after a year and a half and within 4 weeks was bringing another girl to his family party. When he broke up with me he said we didnt connect the way he wanted us to, he doesn't love me anymore etc. It's been 4 months and the NCR didn't work (obv because he has a new girlfriend). I thought super clearly about it now and got myself in a much better and healthier place personally and now I want him back 🙁

  8. Hey!!can u help me????
    I am 17 and I was in long distance relationship for 3 months ( we never met) but I say our relationship was really deep we shared everythinggg but her parents knew about us n I think c was in pressure due to family n distance so c told to break up but said we can be together after making career n pleaded after 2 days c said let's be like couple for 2 days and during those days c said very emotional n romantic talks with me but after that day c changed n act differently i still become needy n pleaded after some days c said we will never get back together n put me in friendzone then I saw some videos on YouTube n applied no contact after using clean slate of Brad Brownintoday it's 22 days
    So is it right time now to start conversation???
    Should I text her now??? Is it right time???
    Do I have chance to get her back?????

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