If you’re wondering, “Is it too late to get my ex back,” the answer is usually, “No.”


In most cases, a man can get his ex girlfriend or ex wife back if he focuses on re-attracting her.

To help you understand how that can be done, I explain the following things in this video:

1. The 4 main types of breaks up where a guy can get his ex girl back quiet easily.
2. The timeframes in which most guys get their ex back.
3. 4 tips on how to get your ex back if you feel as though it’s too late for you.

When is it too late to get her back? Is it ever too late?

Most men can get their ex woman back, but it can become too late when she is happily married with children and has no interest in him anymore.

Apart from that (including if she’s dating a new guy), it’s usually never too late to get an ex back.

There’s always a chance to get a woman back if you know how to attract her again.

For more info on how to do that, go to:

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24 thoughts on “Is it Too Late to Get My Ex Back?”

  1. Thanks for another great video, Dan. This might sound like a bit of a cliche, but after making just about every mistake under the sun (such as grovelling, getting angry, making ultimatums) and following the advice of some other programs, I applied the principles of your ex-back system exactly as specified and have been back with my wife for quite a while now after a year of separation. I was certain at the beginning that there was zero percent probability of us ever getting back together. You could say that there is no guarantee of anything in life, but I have 100% confidence in this system working if the process is followed through with faithfully. I would go as far as to say that if it worked for me in my situation, it would work for anyone. I'm super grateful to you in making this outstanding material available to us and think that you are an awesome guy. I would also highly recommend the Make Her Love you for Life program as well, which I apply the principles from daily, and my marriage and life has never been better. P.S. Do you have any recommendations for books or materials about finding your purpose/mission in life or about wealth-building? Thanks again

  2. So glad I watched these videos…thanks Dan, my chick broke up with me and I fucked up pretty good. I knew backing off for 30 days was too long. I have played it perfect since week 2 and can see her coming back…but if she doesn't, there are plenty of others out there😂😂

  3. Dan… Thnx fr the video…… I'm in no contact with my ex fr nearly two months….. She didn't even wish me on my birthday…… Is it too late to expect a contact or should i move on. Plzz reply..

  4. I really enjoy your videos. They are great and give me hope and confidence. Even if I fail on getting my ex back, I'll go on a way better a man for what you've teached me. BUT, and I know that's your job and all, I could use with some tips on my particular case. My girlfriend broke up with me because I had to move to another city. She's with another guy now, but still gives me some signs that she wants to keep in touch. The thing is, we live in different cities and talking to her is quite difficult. I wonder if you could give me a little help with my case?

  5. Hey I Recently Hurt my grilfriends self esteam, I didnt know i was Bi Polar, we where together for over a year, madly inlove, planned on getting married, wanted kids after she finished school.Spent all our time together, made long distance work, drove hours every weekend to see eachother, lived together the past 3 months and over the past 5 months or so i started losing my temper, yelling stupid hurtful ugly things i didnt mean and i scared her, didnt know why i couldnt control it, I was blinded by the chaos in my head. i have learned to let go of those stupid things, and realize how i hurt her, been leveling up. last 2 times we saw eachother we both broke down and started crying, she was wanting to give me another chance after i begged but i didnt give her the space and she called it quits. I can tell neither of us are doing well, im changing myself cause of it. being confident, leveling myself up, its been 2 weeks since we saw eachother (wen she moved out) and i texted her a couple times and basically said "thanks, we needed this, ive learned alot from this all, hope your taking care of yourself, have alot to tell you when your ready to talk", she doesnt respond, I know people have recovered from mentally abusive relationships but do i have hope? how do i fix things? what i have done is horrible and i know how to manage it now.

  6. My ex broke up with me after her father died, I still love that chick so much! She’s blocked me now and I’m thinking it’s pretty much hopeless. We were great together, we never fought or argued but after breaking up we often argued which just totally sucks but she thinks I’ve bad mouthed her since we broke up, she told me this but then said to other people she knows I haven’t done that etc.
    Girls crazy!

  7. How about a situation when the guy has been dumped twice in about six weeks? Is it still possible? Is there a way of contact to explain the situation in order to choose the best course of action (either moving on or keep trying)?

  8. Hey Dan, so I was in a relationship with my ex 8years ago, I ended things, it was a bad break up. Ever since the break up, I don't feel I have truly been able to get over her, there were times throughout university where we were in touch but when I found out she had moved on I decided I needed to cut all contact. We haven't spoken for years, it has always been playing on my mind, if there might still be a chance, I plucked the courage to text her today this morning.

    My message had highlighted a humorous memory of something that she use to do, I continued the message by saying how that memory made me wonder how she was and hoped that she and her family were doing well, I wanted to be subtle and not desperate.

    She responded:

    Hey! Im good thank you. Hope yourself and family are well too all the best with everything

    That to me has kinda confirmed that she does not want to continue a conversation. I am just wondering if I should just not respond at all or just express how I feel, the truth is I do not think I need to do anymore, that message to me indicates that she doesn't have any thoughts to rekindle a connection.

    What do you think?

  9. Dan, I broke up with my ex girlfriend before 1 year. And she kept on trying to get me back. Or else we always have been in contact. But in the last 2 months things got wrong. There was some kind of misunderstandings between us. Now she's saying that she has moved on with her life and don't want to get back with me as she doesn't have that feeling anymore. I almost begged for another chance but she was too stubborn to give me that. She also convinced me that she don't love me anymore. At last I asked her to be friends then she said no and also said that she doesn't want anything for the time being. And when I directly ask her about the future then she always says that "I don't know. I don't want to talk about the future". What should I do now? I really want her back.

  10. Hi Dan. I honestly don't know if we broke or not but I know things are not the same and I can sense she lost attraction. Despite that I know somewhere inside her she cares or feels something for me. Now I decided to pull back and work on myself. After a few days she started making substancesless small talk. I just replied with one word answers. I don't know if she's trying to reach out or is using me to emotionally detach from me. My 2nd question most coaches tell you to implement 30 day no contact. Dan on the other hand says no and I agree with him. Now my question how on earth can a man regain his confidence and learn to do and say the right things in 3 to 7 days? Isn't that time a bit to short to change your habits.

  11. Hey Dan. I guess im not sure what the point of it is. Its kinda impossible to have a girl and still want her (passion trap). If a woman can't handle the same neediness from a guy that she displayed repeatedly to get him in the first place… Elicited his empathy… Then its kind of a one sided commitment. I dont doubt you're telling it like it is. But do i honestly have to be faithful under such a one sided contract… Knowing it will only inevitably cause me to become needy in return as my empathy as built over time… Viewing a girl as deserving (as they think they want) of being even special enough to look up ex back videos?

  12. I have a very sad story, Dan. My wife and I had been separated. She told me give up, hang out with other girls etc. Some days later she contacts me and i get her to agree to counseling. We have one session that goes ok, and she has dinner at my house a few days later, very nice evening. I told her i wrote her a letter, but i didnt want to discuss the marriage tonight. A few days later a female friend asks me to have lunch, i text my wife and let her know, saying i wont go if she doesnt want me to. My wife says its fine. I tell her, no im not gonna go, it would be weird. A couple days later, i bring the dog by to see her, and read her my letter. She said the letter was exactly what she needed to hear, because it showed i was listening. A couple days later she said she wants to move back home, but confessed that she slept with someone, claiming she freaked out about the girl asking me to lunch : ( rejected her.

  13. Dan me and why wife separated because she lost passion, we broke up 2 months ago been together 3 years. We met up after around a month two days ago, we left the meet up hugging and kissing but she hasn't reached out after the meet up.

  14. Hey dan your videos are too helpul for me. It helped me alot in increasing my confidence to get my ex back. My problem is we broke up 25 days back and i implemented no contact rule for about 20 days and she called me once on new year. And after 7 days i started talking with her but she does not seems to be interested talking with me. Only one side communication is going on. What should i do more to make her talk? She never calls or text me. Please help me. She has moved on from the break up. So how can bring her back to me. Please help me Dan.

  15. but she once said its too late and all plus she has a bf. that bf knows her friends well and they've been friend for a long time thats why its easy for my ex to accept him. I'm just trying to figure out, should I get her back or move on but a little piece of my heart says yes

  16. Hi Dan,

    Could use your advice. TO put it bluntly my ex of 10 months broke up with me because she didn't like how when we argued it turned her off and said during a "break" period she lost love and feels happy being single. After discovering your book and teachings I should have chased her but I didn't. I have also failed and been tested from things you say in this video where we met up and she says it would be cool to hang out as friends going lunch, going beach etc etc but I failed under the pressure and cracked emotionally. I see the errors of my ways and maturely I respect her decision of telling me she's not in love and at this moment does not want to pursue a relationship. I'm confident however with the power within myself I can control the outlook.

    Any advice on how to re attract and gain the respect back? I'm planning to initiate a text 7 days after meeting up face to face and things on bad terms for both of us where we agreed to cut each other out but I understand I have to be confident.

  17. sir we hv broke up with 11 months back… I used to feel insecure nd might be loss of attraction be the reason.. we hd sex after break we met 4 times in this period.. I followed brad browning technique but it doesn't work.. actually 2 months back I lost hopes nd move on.. but now I want to try again to win her back.. from the day before Sunday we r in contact.. Plz help me to get her back u r my last hope..

  18. How do you create spark and sexual attraction when she is seeing someone else? But she says we may have a chance if we show eachother we can be independent and responsible. There are mixed signals and not sure if I have a chance

  19. Tried the system without step 3, the meet-up was fine and I had her laughing and feeling good and shit, but she wasnt all that bothered because she knew I had nothing else going on and she had all her friends.

    After the meet up we went a few days without talking at all, I moved on step 3 and she text me jokingly saying "you never done any of that stuff with me" and we had a short conversation. Just gotta keep at it and it'll work out

  20. i live with my GF Dan, she says there is no chance…. EVER. says she loves and cares about me but just doesnt have that kind of sexual love she had.  Says its gone. I have changed, she is acting better, I just have no idea why she says we can live together and not be romantic?  moving is not possible, i work from my home, we both own the home. what do I do, how long can this go on?

  21. Unique situation. My ex is still in rebound relationship. We talk on and off for a while. The sexual attraction is definitely still there for both of us. Met her last week went brilant. How can I bring this on further or what's my next move ….

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