In this video, I reveal how to get your ex back using a little reverse psychology trick. Head on over to… …for more information.


44 thoughts on “How To Get Your Ex Back …Using Reverse Psychology”

  1. Cut of all communication for AS LONG AS IS TAKES! there is no time limit! If there still is a little attraction and respect for you left in your ex she will contact you eventually. You will raise your value by this and your ex wil be curious. But the time limit is bullshit. If she meets another man, contacting her wont help. Just raise your mysterie. Keep strong !!

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  3. Does the no contact work? Cause im not sure if i should block him or not. Ik some people block their exs, but i dont know how that makes their ex miss them if they dont know what your doing. And they cant see if youre having a good time without them either, so can anyone explain?

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  8. we broke up after a year of abusing relationship.he felt pressured by me ( i wanted attention for him not to be friends with girls and phone calls)and he was violent with me with words and physically..i tolerated that because i loved him i was nagging and fighting with him but he didnt care…he kept saying everything is good dont bother me…anyway..the fightings continued and at some point i got really jealous because i thought he was flirting with other girls and he broke up with me..he said he didnt want me anymore…i begged him i called him a million times and he treated me like shit..then after so many tears i decided to block his number and all social media but he keeps calling me he texted my best friend and he is looking for me 6 days now…at least 3 calls a day…i dont understand what to do..i also moved to another country before the breakup and we had a distant relationship..i dont know what he wants does he love me or he wants to play with me because i was always the victim the one begging him to stay with me?plz someone answer me thank you very much

  9. I dont really agree with this method. Somehow not everyone will be effective to to do or accept the method.
    Listening to your heart is the key.. Love is a bond that's difficult to break. If your heart says call or meet your ex. Do it!. Dont be shy to apology and to forgive. Dont waste the time for 3 weeks in pain only to know he/she is thinking of you or not… 3 weeks are gonna be wasted unmeaningful. Coz maybe he/she is waiting for you also not 3 weeks but 1 day after breaking felt forever for those who in true love. Follow your instinct and heart. Ask God to restrain your bond and fix it. Love is abstract don't ever solve it with method. Your heart knows best.

  10. ye then' she becomes pregnant ' and few months later gives birth to one of them weird looking mixed race babies '' and every one sees the evidence of a whore ' just to realise ignoring her for three weeks was a bad idea .

  11. My wife threw me out after she caught me cheating on her. I didn't text or ring her or send her flowers begging for forgiveness. I deleted her mobile number and did nothing for three months. Then I filled for divorce on the grounds I committed adultery that got my wife chasing around after me, she rang me up she wanted us to meet up and have a chat I got her friends on my side because after my wife told them I filled for divorce and admitted adultery they said to my wife good on Lee not many husband's who cheated on there wife's will admit it. Also I was acknowledging I'm the one in the wrong and admitting it and that also got my wife's friends and even family on my side. I had my wife eating out of my hand and if she wanted me to call of the divorce she had to became the wife I wanted her to be and she is. I snap my fingers she gets on her knees and gives me a BJ. If I'm want sex I gets it no questions asked and I'm the man of the house

  12. Me and my ex where together for 3 an half years jus recently she broke up with me.
    Everything you said not to do i did but im gonna give this a shot and not contact her for 3 weeks.
    God is with me 😊

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  14. From someone who was once desperate for the answers on how to get my ex back and came dangerously close to wasting my money – always remember: THESE PEOPLE ARE BUSINESS PEOPLE. They are here to make money off you, first and foremost. You genuinely being helped is secondary. The advice preceding the advertised product at the end is not benevolent advice, it is a sales pitch for your money.

    If, at the end of the video, you see a "Buy my GET YOUR EX BACK Package", recognise that this "30 days is the optimum time for getting your ex back" is bull shit. Everyone is different. Every situation is different. People will tell you that you have "30 days to achieve something otherwise it will slip through your grasp" because they need you to spend your money on their product. And selling something requires making a close by creating a false sense of urgency. Real life doesn't work like that. If something has ended, it takes TIME to make it work again. No one changes in three weeks, stop kidding your self. You both need to grow and move on fully from the places both of you were in when you broke up.

    Let life unfold naturally and don't buy something to manipulate your ex with. You're cheating both them and yourself of genuine growth. Put everything in perspective of your whole life and everyone you will meet and the relationships you will come in and out of. You may find each other again as changed people at some point. But the psychology behind love can't be controlled by this guy's over-priced business idea.

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  16. Hi John!

    Love your video, it really hits the spot!

    Like you I also want to help others get the person they love the most back because I know the feeling of losing someone and wanting to get that someone back.

    I would like to help you through the articles I have. It will help you understand what situation you and your ex are in.

    See you at my site!

  17. Hey , I have tried no contact, after 7 days she texted me, I dint reply.then she called me I dint recieve. Then I texted her that I am busy will call you later, then I called her after 2 hrs.when we were talking she was again saying the same things that I dint give her enough attention and behave rudely. So I ended the conversation quickly as per your advice by saying “I am bit busy call you later”.
    After that it’s been 10 days she dint contact me neither text or call I also dint contact.
    Please tell me what to do now .
    Please please.
    Thank you once again for your help. Cheers

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  20. This works. They don't find anyone in three weeks because they get super obsessed over you and they try to busy themselves with their career/gym…but meeting others makes their heartbreak and curiosity worse

  21. Hi there I am Irish living in New York just broke up with my ex initially I went crazy kept calling he changed his number and that's that what if he never comes back. we were together 5 years I keep imagining what girl He he is with its been 4 weeks and it's a bad sign I'm afraid he won't come back let me know how to contact u for coaching thanks

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  23. If I remember correctly this is the video that Winston recommended before I went ahead and visit Treitan Mellory’s website. At least that’s what helped him mend his relationship with his ex, worth a try if you actually want her back.

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