In order to fix a break up you must do your best to keep your emotions under control. Breaking up can be one of the most difficult experiences you will ever go through. If you feel as if you can’t go on living without your ex, I am here to tell you that anyone can save their relationship and turn things around fast!

It is critical that you avoid making the common mistakes that can push your ex away forever and possibly destroy your last chance to reunite with your ex. Although every relationship is unique, the common mistakes people make tend to be extremely predictable as ex’s tend to become machines on auto pilot.

Steps To Fix A Break Up – Getting Your Ex Back Before It Is Too Late

1. Stop Harassing Your Ex

Don’t beg, plead, cry, stream and make promises that everything will be different if your ex just gives you one more chance. This will do little to show your ex you respect them and their decision. Your relationship can not be fixed by simply wanting them to stay because letting go is too difficult. Stop ALL contact with your ex and give them some space in order to fix a break up.

2. Never Use Guilt Or Manipulation

Sure it might seem like a good idea when your emotions are running wild and you are trying everything in your power to get your ex to come back but it does not work in the long turn. Never ever use guilt or manipulation tactics to try and get your ex back, these methods can back fire quickly and ruin your last chance to get back together and fix a break up.

3. Accept The Break Up – Showing Respect

One way to get your ex to talk to you and hear you out after giving them some space is to agree with the break up, accept it and tell your ex you understand and respect their decision. This will show them that you level headed and mature about their decision, it will put you one step closer to making them want to change their mind and fix a break up.

4. Confidence – Positivity – Happiness

Both men and women find the same qualities appealing and sexy in a partner so it’s no surprise that living your life and becoming the confident, positive and happy person your ex fell in love with works! Spend time with friends and have a laugh, remember you will reunite with your ex soon, but in the mean time let your ex know the person they fell in love with is still in front of them.

Source by Dimmy Apostolovski

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