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Did you ruin your chances of getting your ex back? Coach Lee goes over how you can know if you ruined your chances with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend and what you can do if you created hurdles to getting your ex back.

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As Coach Lee explains, often times we haven’t necessarily ruined the chances of an ex taking us back if we do the right things going forward.

Coach Lee explains what those right things are and suggests things that you can do to change the way your ex views you and what you did that you fear have ruined your chances of your ex taking you back or wanting you back.

Coach Lee also explains that you can do things to cause your ex to miss the relationship and to miss you so that they want to get back with you after seeing you in a different light.

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36 thoughts on “Did You Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Back?”

  1. Hi Coach.

    I'm already 1week nc should I still do the clean slate/message her?

    My ex message me last Sunday this is her msg.

    **Hi Jay,

    Thank you for everything. Thank you for the year wherein I found someone so special and dear to me. You were everything to me. Thank you for showing me a love that can never be replaced.

    I’ll always miss you and you’ll always be a part of my everyday.

    Take care. :’)”**

    Thanks in advance

  2. Coach lee great Chanel! my ex called me at 2:30am and could tell she was drinking saying She missed me after 1 month of no contact. We hung out the next day she hugs me when leaving. I tried to it’s her and she says on the cheek so I decided not to so then she kisses me. I asked her later if she was trying to put me In the friend zone. My question is was that to early to ask that?

  3. I need help he lashed out not me then he said he wants to be friend because he cant date now he's sick nd his grandmother is sick he wants to b friends then i see he made contact with a girl he use to date the ex before me he made plans with her for Christmas so did he dump me for her because he got mad and lashed out did he run back to her why did he say he wants to be friends then he does that was i just his rebound

  4. Hey coach lee what if I dated the person shortly 7month? I kinda was 50 and she was hundred percent when it came to us. She left and when she did I realized that it was me and not her. I have been no contact for 15 days after I tried all the gifts and letters and begging for another chance.

  5. I ruined all the chances I told her parents about us I told her new interest everything about us and now her family and she hates me. She chose someone else to forget me what should I do now…

  6. This one is gold. Made it a week and a half on NC. Showed up at her door last night like a moron. This helps a lot and will be better this time. Giving at least a month.

  7. Just want to say thank you for the advice on the clean slate message, my ex immediately responded in a very positive way and now I have hope it will down the road. Thanks again!!!

  8. I need an advice on the topic. My boyfriend broke up saying that i am sickly jalous over the phone as we were in a different countries, and he said he will never want to be with me and his familly are so agains us to be with me as he had really bad past relationship that hurt him so much and all are now afraid that I am like his previous ex. I was going throught hard time From work same as him and this got us away making him to find so many isues to sort between us. He said he loves me but the feelings are not important as he loved his ex from the past and he did big mistake, now he doesnt want to do the same mistake. We were in a conversations to get married but our miscommunication lead us to split few times. He always wanted to go and live in Australia and when he broke up he said at least if he will get a girlfriend for sure he will look for an Australian, not to waste the time. I was deeply hurt and i did the misstake of crying asking him to think over the phone. But i managed to pul away and no contact him for a veek, now but he is getting back in the city and we have to meet to exchange our stuff. He is great man but simply it end up realy bad. I need a big help from you. Thank you

  9. My ex gf and I were togueter for 8 months Over some missunderstandings she proposed the breakup and I broke up with her (Still dont know why I did it). Then begged and pleaded the first two weeks. There was never a huge fight or big issues. Just random couple differences. We’ve practically hooked up twice per week since our breakup 2 months algo. Just last night we were togueter. But I’m done chasing. Is exhausting. She likes me but wont come back. It could be pride. No idea. Is NC really the best choice?

  10. I did all of that begging and pleading. The breakup made no sense at all. The week before we were so loving he told me multiple times how much he loved me, paid to do my hair, meet my parents, and wanted to plan to spend more family time with his 20 year old son and my 17 year old daughter and 14 year old son. I introduced something into the relationship that before we tried it I thought I was 99% in to it, and now I don’t want it I can’t convince him. God I miss and love him so much sometimes it’s hard to even breathe!!! 💔💔💔

  11. Question, I ran into my ex in public. She broke up with me, and I've been in No Contact for 3 months, after acting like a needy bitch immediately after the break up. We asked how each other was doing, and made really small talk, but I pulled away and pretending I had a prior engagement that I was running late to. Do I continue going back into no contact?

  12. Coach Lee… You are better than Corey Wayne. Thanks so much for this. I cant afford to pay for a phone session right now. I wish I could because I think that after this woman left me, I have realized that I am in love with her. I chased, smothered, pushed her so far away… I don't know what to do now.

  13. 2 months is very easy And so Fast! I'm ready to give that goal to Achieve. Make myself happy and alive again for My Future. 😁

    Basically Me and my Ex are still good friends, I really want do No Contact Rule for 2 half months. Should I reply back to him if he Wants to know how I'm Doing with cutting the conversation shortly? Or not reply back during the No Contact Rule? -Thank you again coach Lee, I Hit like And Subscribe 😅🤗🤗❤❤❤❤💖

  14. I am in no contact for 4 months, few days ago he called me but didn't talk, when I ask him why he called , he denied it,and I burst my anger again. I think I mess up again.
    What does it mean when they call but denied it.

  15. Hello Coach Lee. I did exactly as you said. I was angry of her cheating, begging etc. We didn't actually breakup. She want time to choose and I stop contact. But now I see that what she see as problems with us and I understand her. Is it wrong to let her know this or to continue with no contact till she make a final choice, which with her words, is not in our favor, because I was needy?

  16. Begging is the one thing I didn’t do after the break up, thank God. During the break up I cried and disagreed, obviously. I went into no contact right after and I’m on week 3. We dated for close to 10 months and were super close and even said I love you during the break up. I’m wondering how long I stay in no contact though.

  17. I’m 21 years old and my “girlfriend” is 20, after nearly being together for 3 years she literally disappeared, no actual break up, no responses to any text or calls, it’s been a week so far, I was needy at first but I’m trying to stay positive, I don’t know if the NC rule applies as we did not technically break up, there was no fight, no cheating, the communication was dying down I must admit but nothing major, should I just let her do her own thing ? And focus on myself?

  18. Coach lee I have some question I hope you have time to respond coach. I have a live in partner before for 5 years. To make the story short she left me without saying goodbye just left but I understand why and I think it's my fault she feels trap we don't have 3rd party to make it clear. I look for her for 3 months and I found her and yes I beg for once but after that I did not disturb her anymore and I work abroad and leave my country I focus on my work and in myself. Maybe she heard it from friends and family that I left the country. After one year she try to reach me saying sorry on everything and because I'm still mad I told her that I'm dating other ladies which is not true. Then she stop both of us did not reach it's more than a year again now that we did not contact. But recently since I'm curious how is her life now I saw that she's single and ALL OF HER NEW PHOTO SHE WEAR THE ENGAGEMENT RING THAT I GAVE TO HER. I want to know what's this mean? WHY SHE'S STILL WEARING THE RING? To be honest coach time is my bestfriend and my heart was healed and I meet a girl that I loved also and my live in partner before she knows about it because of the post in the Facebook that I'm with the new girl but just recently we broke up after 8months. The new girl I found out that she cheated on me so broke up with her and now I'm in the stage of moving on. Well anyway couch the main topic here is my ex live in partner for five years, my question is after 2 years of break up with her even she knew I have a new girlfriend which is now I broke up I don't know if she know.. WHY MY LIVE IN PARTNER FOR 5 YEARS IS WEARING THE ENGAGEMENT RING I GAVE HER? Is she still on hope in getting back to me? What do you think couch? Anyway we are lesbian couple. I hope you can give feedback about this coach. Thank you.

  19. I’m having a hard time with all this right now, I have booked a coaching session but it’s in a couple of days. I’m freaking out tonight wondering if I completely ruined everything starting with my initial reaction to the no contact and not hearing from him. I know everything will be ok eventually whatever the outcome and I truly look forward to our talk Sunday but right now I feel like a mess!

  20. Its been 4 months of no contact. (we were together for 4 and half years)…My ex keeps posting that he misses me, somewhat loves me, is sad , but does not want me back….why so😥??…. What shall i do ?? Please help😖

  21. I lost emotional control initially, but never said anything unkind. I went no contact for only 3 week periods the past 8 months. We started to see each other a month after break up but my ex wasn’t ready to reconcile, he only wanted to be physical. He’s remained alone since our break up- do you advise against being physical in hopes of getting ack together?

  22. But sadly learnd yesterday that she is sleeping with a mutual friend Who totally betrayed me because hè was the 1 i'd talked to about our break up. So i'm pretty messed heartbroke big big time Times 2😳

  23. My husband and I have been together for 14years. We started dating when we were in year 12 high school, together for 10 years before we married 4 years ago.

    Everything was so perfect. He loves and would do anything for me. I know I’m not the perfect wife who can cook or do house work. But he said it’s ok and accepted.

    I was abit over control in this relationship. I want him to do thing my way, go home at the time i wanted him to be at home…

    Recently he started to go out with his cousins, brothers alot. I asked him to call me. Ended up no calls at all and always went home around 2-3am, even some day he slept over at his cousin.

    I then started worry and angry. We argued. He went to back to his parents house for 1 week.

    First 1-2 day he still called me, then no later on call in at. I was so upset and I made a big argue and fight.

    I called he didn’t pick up. I came over to his parents house to see him but he didn’t want to see me. I message him, no reply…basically he is fully ignored him.

    I did another stupid move, i told him that I would hurt myself or kill myself if he does that to me.

    I think I pushed his limit and he lost all the love he still have for me. He said he wants to divorce and block my number.

    I haven’t contacted him for 3-4 weeks now. He told my brother and my mum he had made his decision. do we still have a chance?

  24. Hey Lee. Not sure if you remember me, but I've had two coaching calls with you. What does it mean when she said, "I don't know if we'll get back together." I had another relationship coach tell me it means that there is a part of her that still wants to get back together with me. Do you agree with that? Would love to hear what you think about this. Thanks.

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