How to get your ex back when she has moved on. (This is what works!).

If your ex girlfriend or ex wife has moved on, you can still get her back.

The secret is to focus on making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you and then forcing her live with the fact that she now feels drawn to you again.

When you interact with your ex and create those feelings, she can’t help but begin to think of you in a more positive light.

She now has proof that you really have changed and more importantly, she really does feel differently when she interacts with you now.

You have interrupted the process of her moving on and she now feels drawn to you again.

As a result, her behavior around her new guy (if she is dating someone else or has a new boyfriend) will begin to change.

In most cases, the new guy will then start to become insecure about you and her and it will cause him to react in an unattractive way (e.g. jealous, controlling, needy), which will make you appear more attractive to her in comparison to him.

From there, you need to make sure that you don’t hesitate to meet up with her, build on her feelings, hook up with her and get her back.

Don’t worry about what the new guy might think, what her friends or family might think or what anyone might think.

This is between you and her.

She is your woman, so get her back and enjoy an even better relationship with her this time around.

You can do it.

By the way…

The 5 tips on how to get your ex back when she has moved on are:

1. Interrupt the process of her moving on.
2. Make her feel attracted to the new you.
3. Don’t be her text buddy when she needs comfort.
4. Make her new guy react in an unattractive way.
5. Believe in yourself and get her back.

If you need more help on how to get an your ex back now that she dating someone else, has a new boyfriend, is in a rebound relationship or is just happy without you, I recommend that you watch this:

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Stay strong, believe in yourself and get her back.

You can do it!



34 thoughts on “5 Tips on How to Get Your Ex Back When She Has Moved On”

  1. Mr Dan is spot on. I'll add that it almost seems like said that we shouldn't  go to "friend zone". We know we don't want that. But 1st… being a friend is a 'door' in. that is the chance to be "okay" with yourself. You don't need her and strong beyond all the things she sucked from you. Personally I thing that says one has worked to do in this communication. They like change. we like consistent.  Don't cry. beg. it will fail every time. The intention is good to show real honest feeling. but they operate on human instinct. We know the game. it sucks and should not be. but… this is the world. Play alpha even when you don't want to play the game. Do it nicely with a smile which shows confidence. even say "I'll have to get back to you on that as I have to check with my friend… "she" would appreciate that". This let's the ex know, politely  and through humility that she is not the center of the universe.

  2. Hey Dan can you help me, my ex she already moved on, but now she wants to be friends with me, so what can I do to make her want to take me back without waiting for 2 years because she wants that, should I wait for 2 years or should I take the chance to try and take her back

  3. We broke up today. I tried to make her laugh but it didnt work. I told her that I understood I acted weak and clingy and she said that's good that you broke a barrier, whatever that means. Then I said I'd be open to friendship and she didnt seem to like that idea. Dan if you could help me out with the next step I'd really appreciate it.

  4. Heyyyy!!! Dan your the best dude! So I was the dude who begged and was being a comfort friend stuff for 8 days after the break up and completely ruined everything. However, then I gave her three days of space. After that I started being more confident, forced myself to be way more emotionally independent of her, and started sexually attracting her today and I saw some results instantly!! She was at first being kinda cold slash rude when I called her, but after I stayed confident we hit it off for like 20 mins till I ended it and had to go (but also showed that I now have some power too) and it couldn't have gone better. Later today to I even snap chatted her saying something she would find kinda illogical but sexually attractive and she responded within 3 mins and we had a little fun chat too! I'm going to get my girl back, and thx Dan for making these awesome vids!!!! W/o them I may have fallen prey to the no contact for a month strat and would never have understood what I was doing wrong that unattracted my girl in the first place once we started getting more comfortable in the relationship

  5. Hey! I broke up with my ex before 2 months. But between that I begged her so much. And I shouted at her and I hurt her so much. I went to her and asked are you in relationship with someone else like that. So she got so angry. And I didn't relaized that. She told you won't change your character . But ri8 now I realized everything without her. I felt so bad what I did to her. So I went to her I told her that I am so sorry for everything. I don't have trust on you. I believe In others words. Not yours. I am so sorry. She told me I can understand your situation. And she told me don't wait for me I don't care you changed your character or not. I don't want any relation now I want to be happy with myself. I told her u r angry on me and my negative thoughts are making you to speak like this. But she told whatever, I am speaking normally with you . Don't wait and waste your time. I won't come back to you anymore. Is she will come back to me or not? We have to study till 4 more years in same class. What to do? She told I am not even Caring abt you. And she cried because of you I lost my Friends . But I can't understand her mind now is she is crying for them or for me. What to do now ?

  6. Hey Dan. I absolutely love your videos I feel they are helpful but I have a question. You say that a important step in getting your ex back is to call them and spark attraction again. Well when me and my ex are texting and it's going good so I call her. It's very common for her to already be on the phone with someone (presumably her new bf). How do I respond to this?

  7. Do you have any suggestion for those who has kids, mine is nearly 2. And we broke up bc I wasn't giving her enough attention. And she moved on real quick and says shes happy with new guy. I've been a fan of your articles as I face this for the first time.

  8. How to interact when she doesn't want to talk? My girlfriend and I was dating for 2 years and we broke up. Now she blocked me from everywhere. She study in same university and class. But she is sitting with her new friend all the time. So who would I interact with her?

  9. My ex and I have a child together and we broke up 8-9 months ago but in that time were messed around and a lot of other stuff as happened. But she started seeing another guy two weeks ago and I did some pretty shitty stuff but nothing too crazy and now she hates me right now. What do I do?

  10. Hey dan my ex broke up with me and said she loves me and tge other guy but i was away so sge said she loved the other guy and slept with him then got with him then a month later she made it official but she blocked me everything and referenced me to her family as a ghost and in the past and now she moved on and showing to others she happy and in love with the new guy do you have any advice due to it being hard to talk etc.

  11. Sir 

    Today my ex meet me with his new bf 

    We broke up from 3 month 

    Her friend was his mutual friend and she is my life i want her back what can i do..?

    She is crazy for him 

    She hangout with him 

    Enjoy trip and all..i m broken plz help me

  12. What should I do, if when I interact with her, she keeps telling me that”your ugly, you have a big nose, a lot of acne” and she just messes with me. Any advice.. I would appreciate if you reply.

  13. Hey, I just needed your opinion on this situation I’m in right now. So my ex broke up with me about 2 years ago when we were talking past midnight and I said something that I didn’t mean. I forgot that I even said it, but she’s been holding it against my grudge to this day. It wasn’t really a nasty breakup, but we didn’t talk for maybe a week or two. Then she started talking to me, but it didn’t feel like she really wanted to. A couple months passed and she blocked me on her phone, but I would see her everyday. She started dating another guy, broke up with him, then dated another guy. During this time, I felt like she still loved me. We would sit together, listen to music, and just talk on the phone. I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I guess I did something that upset her and she blocked me again and we stopped talking for awhile. She started dating another guy, but it only lasted for about 8 months. We started talking again over the summer, but then stopped. She had me blocked again and I’d ask my friends to tell her stuff for me. She said she didn’t care and hated me, but then said she doesn’t hate anybody. I don’t know if this is hot and cold treatment or something, but no matter how hard I try, she won’t unblock me right now, but when I see her, she is nice to me. Any suggestions on what this could be or what I should do?

  14. I need some help and advice I dont usually reach out but you seem like you really know what your talking about and described alot of I need some advice and help i have been with my fiance for 4 years and we have a two year old we have shared so much passion and laughs and traveled every where been to 100 ,shows and festivals danced for hours and raved together and always doing fun shit new shit having sex for hours keeping her fly and feeling beautiful giving her the lasts of any food as a rule. opened every door always stood up for her bought her flowers constantly and joking and cooking together showering together taking care of each other lovingly have raised the most amazing child together and always been that couple and I've done everything she could dream of all the attention passion buying things teaching protecting working hard always being exciting I once and awhile get stressed but who doesn't ? And sometimes stayed out late. But never cheated Went through so much together and cried happy tears together We have now been broke up for a week after I went out and came home the next morning and she is acting like she hates me and is being cold like nothing mattered saying she doesn't love me and doesn't care about our daughter having to grow up in 2 places nothing . Talking to other guys already advice?

  15. Hey Dan, I'll try and make it brief. A few months ago my girlfriend of 1.5 years was coming to see me for the weekend but was grabbing a drink with friends, which I was cool with, no biggie. She didn't show up that night, and didn't call me till the following morning on her way there. She was weird all weekend and at the end said she needed space. I gave it to her as much as possible, but I finally dragged the fact she'd been assaulted that night and she said it "changed" her. We talked that night, got things straight, but she pushed me away and said I needed to move on a week later. Turns out during that time, she had been hanging out with a guy friend, fell in love, and started another relationship. I talked her about it and she said she just didn't love me as much as I deserved. He's completely different than me, more fit and probably seems more confident. (I tend to be a little overly sensitive, working on that) She seems really happy and to be enjoying herself and it kills me. I never hear from her at all as well. I was wondering if you had a recommendation.

    Backstory – We meshed from the beginning perfectly. Interests, the sex was fantastic always. Went on adventures and did have a lot of love and she was always very affectionate and caring.
    Sorry if this is jumbled, it's a few months worth of info extremely condensed with a lot of details left out to minimize the length.

  16. What if you said awful and cruel thing to her and about her kids? I have a kid with her too… so there should still be a way to get her back but yet I'm so stuck in this feeling of hopelessness.

  17. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for everything. I convinced her to meet me. I went to her house and we laughed watched a movie and hugged just like the old times. However she told that now she feels like it's time for her to move on (she has going out with someone else for a few weeks) and she told me that I'm surely gonna make an other girl really happy. When we met we almost kissed many times and her actions really contrast with her words. She seems really happy with her new boyfriend and often talks about him. I do think she still has an attraction to me but what should I do? Keep trying to see her? Or is it impossible she will get back with me? Please help

  18. Hi….can i ask ur advice? Should i give her present in her birtday? Or something in special days like valentine or christmas maybe? And i and my ex live in different country.
    Please respond my comment

  19. My ex girlfriend always hid things from me, for example communication with guys she dated before me, now 2 months after the break up she denied me having other person involved after. I really want her back, Is it a good idea to tell that I always knew all the things she hid from me ?

  20. My ex and split up on holiday a few weeks ago after I discovered she kissed her manager at work after we had a few issues which she promised would be ok and she still wanted a future with me etc. When we got home from the holiday she wanted me out of her flat and whilst I don’t know for certain, she has been messaging this other guy none stop on holiday, saying she missed him, and since been back at work and probably continued with her liaison in the secret away from their big boss as it’s not allowed. Any tips? I’ve watched many vids but not sure which one applies to get her back. Cheers.

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